Mental Health Support & Advice from Peer Experts
7 Types of Mental Health Stigma We Must Address

Oxford Languages defines stigma as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” Stigmatized individuals face varying ...

Mental Health Shirts for Awareness, Advocacy, and Humor

  Mental health shirts, adorned with thought-provoking slogans and captivating designs, are more than just garments; they have become symbols of ...

Mental Health Stickers for Awareness, Humor, and Empowerment

From encouraging mantras to relatable illustrations, mental health stickers have become a popular means of promoting understanding, empathy, and self-care. In ...

Mental Health Pins and Buttons That Send Powerful Messages

Mental health pins and buttons are a small, affordable way to be open about your story and encourage important conversations. You never know how a simple ...

8 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Celebrities with Mental Illness

I understand the premise of celebrities discussing mental health, positively influencing disability and perhaps being honest about their conditions. But ...

Can the Strong Black Woman Be Sick Too and Deserving of Rest?

The Strong Black Woman trope is the expectation that the ideal Black woman should act with emotional restraint, independence, and in caretaking roles. When we ...

When Your Father Isn’t Someone to Celebrate on Father’s Day

Here we are celebrating Father's Day, another holiday that honors a parent or father figure. Everyone is abuzz about cards, photo shoots, gifts, family meals, ...

How Body Image Distortion Affects Adolescents

Adolescence is a phase marked by hormonal, physical, and behavioral changes. It is also a period of many questions, and one of them (if not the most crucial) ...

Understanding the Emotional Consequences of Jaw Surgery

Most people undergo jaw surgery to fix functional problems with their bite and improve their facial appearance. Although many people report increased quality ...

7 Small Steps You Can Take to Fine-Tune Your Mental Health

If you live with a mental illness, taking these seven small steps will help you fine-tune your mental health so you can heal and thrive. 1. See a therapist. ...

My Queer Family Is Under Attack for Just Being Who We Are

My family is under attack by the very people charged with protecting us and our mental health is in jeopardy. I uniquely have a very queer family. We have two ...

The Ultimate Executive Dysfunction Self-Help Guide: Coping Skills to Help You Thrive

Welcome to the ultimate self-help guide for coping with executive dysfunction! If you struggle with executive functioning skills such as managing time, staying ...

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