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Chicory: A Colorful Tale Has a Powerful Mental Health Message for Artists

All too often, the mental health of artists is glamorized or dismissed entirely. Through the starving artist trope, it is taught through real people like ...

I Stopped Oversharing and It Greatly Improved My Mental Health

Oversharing is considered anything shared by someone on social media that is personal, but also very distressing or shocking. For people like myself with ...

How Digital Drawing Has Helped Me Acknowledge My Inner Child

For those who experienced a difficult childhood, becoming aware of your inner child can allow you to give your present and past selves the things you need to ...

10 Ways to Cope With Grief During the Holidays

Although the holidays are usually a happy time of year, they can be painful for people who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Things like toxic ...

10 Mental Health Books That Are BIPOC and LGBTQ Inclusive

For many members of marginalized communities, mental wellness can be hard to come by due to factors such as inaccessible mental health care, discrimination, ...

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