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Woman in a wheelchair and friend holding sign that reads: The Ability Toolbox. Constructing a better life.Our Mission

The Ability Toolbox is a lifestyle and self-help community for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. We support one another by sharing “life hacks” for surviving and thriving despite the barriers society and a broken health care system throw in our way. We support artisans and small business owners with disabilities and chronic illnesses by giving them a platform to promote their work. We pay professional writers with disabilities for their work, and also offer volunteer opportunities for writers and non-writers who want to share their experiences and insights.

We are a social enterprise, which means we are a business, not a charity, but our company serves the greater purpose of raising the voices of the disability and chronic illness community and promoting accessibility, inclusion, and justice for all.

We hope you’ll join us in building a life beyond limits.

The Ability Toolbox
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