Chronic Illness
Empowering Self-Advocacy: Navigating Self-Diagnosis Conversations with Your Doctor

Have you ever found yourself traversing the vast landscape of online health platforms, searching for answers that resonate with your unique experiences? If so, ...

5 Things to Consider Before Moving Out-of-State with a Disability

If you have a disability and you're thinking of moving to a different state, here are five key things to consider before you rent that U-Haul. When you have a ...

How Ergonomic Office Chairs Can Help People with Chronic Pain

Ergonomic office chairs can relieve back pain, fatigue, and other chronic illness symptoms to help you get through a long workday at your desk. Pain in the ...

Empowering Culinary Independence: Cooking Hacks for Individuals with Disabilities

Cooking is a fundamental life skill that allows individuals to nourish themselves and experience the joy of creating delicious meals. For people with ...

How to Exercise with Fibromyalgia Despite Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Life with fibromyalgia can be an incredibly challenging, isolating, and disenfranchising experience. This is partly because the nature of the disease and how ...

Can the Strong Black Woman Be Sick Too and Deserving of Rest?

The Strong Black Woman trope is the expectation that the ideal Black woman should act with emotional restraint, independence, and in caretaking roles. When we ...

8 Safe Shower Chairs for Seniors and Disabled People

Safe shower chairs are an essential tool for seniors and people with disabilities who have difficulty standing or maintaining balance while bathing. A shower ...

How to Cope with Multiple Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illnesses come with an unpredictability that makes it hard to plan and can affect everyday life. Career paths, social lives, and relationships are ...

The Ultimate Executive Dysfunction Self-Help Guide: Coping Skills to Help You Thrive

Welcome to the ultimate self-help guide for coping with executive dysfunction! If you struggle with executive functioning skills such as managing time, staying ...

The Ultimate Exercise Guide for People with Parkinson’s Disease

If you live with Parkinson's disease, this exercise guide will help you overcome challenges to physical activity and set fitness goals to improve your function ...

Accepting My Neurodiversity Has Helped Me Better Understand My Autistic Teen

As a parent on the spectrum with ADHD, the challenges of parenting my autistic 14-year-old daughter have been some of the hardest yet most rewarding of my ...

Why Restorative Mental Health Days Are Important for People with Chronic Illnesses in the Workplace

Research shows a correlation between chronic physical conditions and mental health.   Studies have shown that around 50.6% of people with mental disorders ...

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