Awareness & Advocacy
What Is Internalized Ableism? Tips for Overcoming Self-Stigma

If you're a disabled person who feels shame about your condition and struggles to ask for help or advocate for your rights, you may be battling one of the ...

My Mental Illness Is Not Your Bogeyman

In a world that often sweeps our struggles under the rug, I stand here, unashamed and unafraid to share my story. Just as body shaming perpetuates stereotypes ...

To the ‘Pillar of the Community’ Who Abused Me

Editor's note: This story contains descriptions of coercive control and physical abuse. If you need help, you can reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline ...

Stop Posting Pictures of Fat People’s Stomachs with Our Heads Cut Off

News stories about the obesity crisis commonly feature pictures of fat people with their heads cut off. I presume to shield us from shame. As if cutting off ...

When Love Hurts: How Adults Can Help Prevent Toxic Teen Relationships

If you're the parent of a teenager or work with young people, these tips can help you prevent toxic teen relationships and intervene if you spot signs of ...

Improving Health and Well-Being with NDIS: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Understanding NDIS and Its Impact on Health The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has revolutionized the way we approach disability ...

From Shame to Strength: Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Health in Asian Cultures

The conversation around mental health, while increasingly vital, is fraught with stigma and misunderstanding. This issue becomes even more pronounced within ...

7 Types of Mental Health Stigma We Must Address

Oxford Languages defines stigma as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” Stigmatized individuals face varying ...

3 Reasons Disabled People Need More Mental Health Support from Allies

July being Disability Pride Month presents a vital opportunity to discuss how best to support not only our medical needs but also our mental and emotional ...

Can the Strong Black Woman Be Sick Too and Deserving of Rest?

The Strong Black Woman trope is the expectation that the ideal Black woman should act with emotional restraint, independence, and in caretaking roles. When we ...

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