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Why Stimming Is Healthy & You Should (Usually) Embrace It

Stimming is a key self-regulation tool for people on the autism spectrum or with ADHD. If you're neurodivergent or seeking to support your child, you're in the ...

Why Autism Special Interests and ADHD Hyperfixations Are Awesome

Autism and ADHD are distinct forms of neurodiversity that can co-occur quite frequently. You may notice that autistic people and ADHDers can share similar ...

What Autism Feels Like: 17 Autistic People Explain

To gain a well-rounded and accurate perspective on the autism spectrum, and what autism feels like, it’s important to listen to as many autistic voices as ...

Why I Believe I Have Autism – Even Before the Formal Assessment

In less than a week I’m getting evaluated for autism by a neurodiversity-affirming psychologist. But I’m already almost 100% sure I have it. I’m not 100% ...

7 Types of Mental Health Stigma We Must Address

Oxford Languages defines stigma as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” Stigmatized individuals face varying ...

Ending the Stigma and Prejudice Around Substance Use Disorders

Apparently, among millennials and Gen Z, there is a growing interest in sobriety – sometimes deemed sober curiosity. Whether you go booze-free for a month to ...

For Your Eyes Only: Video Journaling for Your Mental Health

Video journaling can be a helpful tool for managing your mental health, processing emotions, and expressing yourself if writing in a journal isn't for you. ...

The Harm Caused by Mental Illness Stigma and Stereotypes

Mental illness stigma and stereotypes can be just as debilitating as mental health conditions themselves, making coping harder than it has to be. The Origins ...

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