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The American Medical Association Is Finally Ditching the Racist BMI

The American Medical Association has finally acknowledged the racist roots of the BMI as a measure of healthy weight. Recently, the AMA released a statement ...

Studies Show Medical AI Is Racist. As a Black Woman, This Terrifies Me.

As a Black woman, medical AI scares me, and research indicates I should be afraid. When I go to the doctor, I expect to encounter a very knowledgeable ...

How Google Algorithms Silence Disabled Voices

"Just Google it." Chances are you’ve used that phrase this week. Google has become a verb, the act of looking up something via search engine. Yet we often take ...

Please Be Disability-Inclusive. No, Not Like That!

A sad reality of today’s world is that ableism runs rampant throughout society and many places of employment. The news that a Deaf man losing a job he was ...

Autism Acceptance Blooms in Mobile Game ‘Lily’s Garden’

Popular culture often misses the mark when it comes to autistic characters and storylines—when autistic representation is even present to begin with. Whether ...

I Don’t Blame Fat People for Taking Ozempic. But Here’s Why I Won’t.

The diabetes medication Ozempic has been repurposed as a weight loss drug. This is a dream come true for pharmaceutical companies and fat people alike. We have ...

Why the Autism Puzzle Piece Is Bad, and What to Use Instead

For many years, the autism puzzle piece has been one of the most widely used symbols to represent those on the spectrum. Despite its widespread use, however, ...

My Pediatrician Started My Disordered Eating at Age 6. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics Wants to Make This Common Practice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released new clinical practice guidelines that doctors and parents need to target fat kids to prevent them  from ...

How These Designers Are Making Fashion Accessible to People With Disabilities

Getting dressed after waking up or putting on a beautiful outfit before going to a high-class establishment might seem second nature. Just take those flashy ...

How New Voting Laws Deny Disabled People Access to the Ballot Box

Many states worked after the 2020 election cycle to make it harder to vote in various communities they deemed not congruent with their interests. My state was ...

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