How to Renovate Your Home for Someone with Physical Disabilities

Navigating life with a disability can be difficult, with physical barriers appearing around almost every corner. That’s why creating a home interior for ...

Can You Collect Both Workers’ Comp & Disability Insurance?

Your job, your source of livelihood, can also become a source of misfortune in the event of unexpected accidents. In worst-case scenarios, such accidents might ...

3 Apps & Gadgets That Make Technology Accessible for Blind People

Fitness apps and gadgets are incredible. They can track your fitness level, help you stay on track with diet and nutrition, connect you to communities of other ...

Please Be Disability-Inclusive. No, Not Like That!

A sad reality of today’s world is that ableism runs rampant throughout society and many places of employment. The news that a Deaf man losing a job he was ...

Your Disability Accessible Travel Guide to London

London is one of those huge modern-day metropolises that everyone has to visit at some point in their life. It’s home to some of the most significant cultural ...

How Owning a Dog When You’re Disabled Can Improve Your Well-Being

Living with a disability can present a multitude of challenges, both physical and emotional. One way of enhancing your quality of life and improving your ...

4 Tools & Solutions for Effective IDD Case Management in 2023

The noble work of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) case management has long been bogged down by extensive paperwork, inefficient systems, and ...

Empowering Self-Advocacy: Navigating Self-Diagnosis Conversations with Your Doctor

Have you ever found yourself traversing the vast landscape of online health platforms, searching for answers that resonate with your unique experiences? If so, ...

Almost Autistic: What’s in My Neurodiversity Grab Bag

“There’s no such thing as being a little bit autistic.” I’ve heard this phrase many times. It’s a common refrain in the autistic community, and for good ...

5 Things to Consider Before Moving Out-of-State with a Disability

If you have a disability and you're thinking of moving to a different state, here are five key things to consider before you rent that U-Haul. When you have a ...

How Ergonomic Office Chairs Can Help People with Chronic Pain

Ergonomic office chairs can relieve back pain, fatigue, and other chronic illness symptoms to help you get through a long workday at your desk. Pain in the ...

Improving Health and Well-Being with NDIS: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Understanding NDIS and Its Impact on Health The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has revolutionized the way we approach disability ...

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