Awareness & Advocacy
Ending the Stigma and Prejudice Around Substance Use Disorders

Apparently, among millennials and Gen Z, there is a growing interest in sobriety – sometimes deemed sober curiosity. Whether you go booze-free for a month to ...

Breaking the Stigma: How to Talk About Mental Health and Chronic Illnesses

Mental health and chronic illnesses are two topics that have long been stigmatized within our society. Many people struggle to talk openly about their ...

They Live with Severe Mental Illness. They Do Not Deserve to Be Incarcerated.

Every Monday, I log onto Zoom video chat and meet with a group of Black men and women who are participating in a voluntary, court-supervised mental health ...

Artificial Intelligence Is Recording Your Online Therapy Sessions

Artificial Intelligence is now recording your online therapy sessions. Is AI mental health treatment worth the risk? Can you do anything about it? Can you ...

What Is a Spoonie? The Spoon Theory of Chronic Illness, Explained

Spoon theory. Spoonie. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you may hear these terms and be confused. What is a spoonie? ...

6 Tips for Dealing with Ableism and Disability Discrimination

Have you ever felt like your life was more difficult because of a disability or chronic illness? Maybe you’ve been treated unfairly in the workplace or had ...

What 4 Dudes Brewing Beer Can Teach Us About Disability & Inclusion

A mother sees an announcement in her local paper that a new brewery will soon be opening. The brewery states it wants to be a real community business and ...

How People Who Experience Racism Can Practice Self-Compassion

People of color are bombarded with negative feedback about themselves from society as a whole. This feedback does not give us room to learn self-love and ...

It’s Past Time We Talk About — and Confront — Sanism

Those of us with mental illnesses are often faced with ignorance or misinformed individuals.  These negative interactions can make it more difficult for us to ...

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