Chronic Illness Support & Tips from Peer Experts
6 Purposeful Yet Restful Self-Care Activities for People with Chronic Illness

If you live with a chronic illness, these purposeful yet restful self-care activities will let you use your mind without using too much energy. Having a ...

5 Ways to Support Your Child with Type 1 Diabetes

If your child has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, these tips can help you support them as they navigate treatment and build a fulfilling life. Each year, ...

Improving Your Quality of Life with COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common condition seen in populations across the world. A study released in 2022 found that it’s likely to be ...

Is There a Connection Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Depression?

Several major studies have found a link between rheumatoid arthritis and depression. If you live with RA and have been struggling with your mental health, ...

5 Comfortable and Cozy Bedding Items That Help with Painsomnia

I have a love-hate relationship with the word “painsomnia” -- insomnia caused by chronic pain.  Hate because I know it all too well.  My osteoporosis has led ...

How to Support Someone Who Often Cancels Plans Due to Chronic Illness

For those who like to plan, it can be frustrating having a loved one who drops out of events at the last minute, even when you know they are struggling with ...

Fibromyalgia Awareness Jewelry to Show Your Warrior Spirit

These fibromyalgia jewelry pieces are designed to start conversations, raise awareness, and show your warrior spirit as you battle this common yet ...

Managing Chronic Migraine in College: The Complete Guide

College presents a lot of unique challenges, particularly for a person dealing with chronic migraine. From a college graduate and fellow chronic migraineur – ...

5 Things to Help You Sleep When You Have a Chronic Illness

If you have a chronic illness, you probably experience difficulty sleeping. Whether the problem stems from trouble falling asleep because of symptoms such as ...

17 Migraine Relief Home Remedies That Actually Work

Do you struggle with migraine headaches and want to find some solutions? Let's take an in-depth look at recommended migraine relief products and home remedies ...

How to Navigate the Holidays with Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

If you or a loved one lives with food allergies or dietary restrictions, this guide will help you navigate holiday meals and gatherings to ensure a safe, ...

7 Life Hacks for Cleaning with Chronic Illness, Fatigue, and Pain

Living with debilitating chronic illness symptoms such as pain and fatigue can make it harder to clean your house. You may not be able to do seemingly routine ...

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