Fidget Toys for Skin Picking, Hair Pulling, and Dermatillomania

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I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner… a skin picker, that is! I pick and bite my fingers and nails, and I'm not alone. If you struggle as I do, these fidget toys for skin picking can help you direct your focus elsewhere and address your needs in a healthy way.

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Crazy Aaron's Magic Dragon Color Changing Thinking Putty®
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Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Understanding Skin Picking and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Dermatillomania (skin picking) and trichotillomania (hair pulling and twirling) are body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs). BFRBs are very common among people with anxiety, ADHD, and autism — but neurotypical people and those who haven't been diagnosed with a mental health condition may also pick their skin.

Self-grooming, including picking and pulling, are types of fidgeting, also known as stimming. Stimming is natural and necessary, and it's generally a good thing — stims like flapping your hands, bouncing your foot, and spinning are perfectly healthy, even if some people find them “weird.” But unfortunately, some stims can be harmful, and BFRBs such as skin picking may pose health risks if you often have sores or give yourself an infection. Many people who live with BFRBs struggle with shame and want to stop, but are unable to do so.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, including dialectical behavior therapy, can be helpful in treating and reducing BFRBs that lead to emotional distress or physical injury.  Medication can also help to reduce the underlying anxiety and depression that contribute to BFRBs. Please visit the TLC Foundation for BFRBs to learn more and find support. 

Body-focused repetitive behaviors are not the same as self-harm, although there can be overlap. If you're picking to cause yourself pain or significant injury, visit the Crisis Text Line website to learn more and talk to someone who can help.

How Fidget Toys for Skin Picking Can Help

Body-focused repetitive behaviors are not shameful — they're a “symptom” of being a human being with feelings in a messed-up world. People used to recommend tactics like putting something that tastes bad on your fingers to stop nail biting. But all that does is make you feel guilty and miserable with no alternative outlet to address your needs. So instead of telling yourself that you have to stop skin picking, nail-biting, hair pulling, etc. because it's bad, start by exploring the reasons why you do it, and recognize that your feelings are valid. Then think about redirecting those impulses toward a safe stim that will allow you to express your emotions without hurting your body.

Fidget toys for skin picking are a great place to start. Thanks to fidget spinners, the concept is well-known and fidgeting is much less stigmatized than it was in the past. Many fidget toys for skin picking are small and easy to carry in your pocket or keep on your desk at work. Others are attractive works of art or allow you to express your creativity. They all provide a healthy outlet for anger, anxiety, sensory overload, and any other emotion that triggers BFRBs for you. 

How We Chose the Best Skin Picking Fidget Toys

In case you’re wondering how we chose these fidget toys for skin picking and why you should trust us, here’s what you should know: 

  • As the author of this article, have struggled with BFRBs since I was a kid, related to my autism and anxiety disorder. I use my own experiences testing different items to write my reviews. 
  • I’ve included reviews from friends and Ability Toolbox Instagram followers, so you can get trusted advice from neurodivergent peer experts like you who benefit from fidget toys. 
  • The Ability Toolbox is a website created by and for disabled people. We believe in supporting small businesses, especially those owned by others with disabilities, and recommend them whenever possible. 

Recommended Fidget Toys for Skin Picking

I've put together this list of the best fidget toys for skin picking, organized by category. I hope you'll be able to find the help you need for your particular BFRB here. 

Table and Desk Fidget Toys for Skin Picking

These skin picking fidgets can sit on your desk or coffee table to be easily accessible when dermatillomania or trichotillomania urges strike. 

Pick Palettes for Dermatillomania

These pick plates come in lots of different themes, and you can create your own artistic designs. They help to destigmatize picking and peeling, and you can even invite a friend or colleague to try them out.


  • Very satisfying picking sensation — pick pads and palettes are extremely effective at breaking bad habits that harm you and replacing them with healthy stims.
  • Cute and fun to use, looks great on your desk or table.
  • Encourages creativity; redesigning after they are picked apart is fun!


  • Creating new designs on pick plates takes time, so they may not be the best for busy people.
  • Pick pads last a long time but are not reusable. 
  • Small parts can be a hazard to small children and pets. 

Pick Palette Skin Picking Fidget Toy Adult Teen Bundle - Garden Texture Floral to Pick, Dig and Peel - Anxiety Kit Desk Toy


Tapered Square Pick Pads•2 for 10•150-250 beads•Skin Picking Alternative•Autism•ADHD•ADD•Fidget•Dementia•Alzheimer's•Challenging•GrossMotor

Tapered Square Pick Pads 2 for $10 150-250 beads. Thin 2.5 IN X 2.5 IN These are wonderful for needing to be a little more discrete! Of course, they are good for absolutely ...

RAINBOW Pick Pad•THE ORIGINAL•2 for 18•Double the beads in a smaller size!Skin Picking Alternative•Dermatillomania• Fine Motor• Autism-Thin


See more in the Pick Palette Shop and Pick Pad Shop

Plate to Stop Skin Peeling Behavior 

If you kind of love the aftermath of a sunburn, you'll find this fidget a-peeling. 

Skin Picking Alternative Picking Plate

Redirect unwanted skin-picking behaviors in children and adults with this alternative Picking Plate! The soft silicone mat is filled with a variety of bumps, lines, and squiggles ...

Sensory Stones for Finger Picking

These stones can be picked with your fingers, which makes them a good choice for people who find picking tools like tweezers to be a self-harm trigger.

Picky Party Finger Picking Stone Sensory Stone - No Tools Needed

There are two options to this listing: * Pre-filled Finger Picking Stone - Stone only * Finger Picking Kit - one pre-filled stone and two refill bottles (one ounce each).Bottles ...

Sensory Stone -- NO TOOLS NEEDED

This stone is designed to feel like you are picking scabs, but without the bleeding and scarring! The Sensory Stone is covered in filler for optimal peeling on both sides. ...

Elastic Loop Fidget to Stop Hair Pulling

This large size elastic loop fidget provides a great alternative to habits like hair pulling and picking at skin tags. You can stretch and snap the bands and it's very satisfying. 

The second elastic loop fidget is smaller and fits in your pocket. These are super handy (pun intended) for addressing a wide variety of body-focused repetitive behaviors. My elastic fidget is my favorite and I always have it with me. These are made by a disabled designer and I love the wide variety of color choices!

Mega Loom Picking Fidget

Now it's mega! See the 5th picture to see the difference between the original and the mega! *Order will come with 1 mega loom fidget. Some of the pictures are of the original to ...

Stretchy Loom Picking Fidget | Finger Fidget

This small fidget is one of my favorites! It twists around itself endlessly. You can play with it with two hands or one. There are even multiple ways to play with it! It's ...

Sensory Brush for Trichotillomania 

This multi-functional sensory brush can be used to rub and soothe the skin, or you can twist and pull the bristles instead of pulling your hair. It's made of soft silicone, a texture I love, and I know many neurodivergent people who feel the same way.        

Pimple Popping Fidget for BFRBs

If you like to pop zits and peel scabs, you'll love this pimple simulator.

Novelty Popping Pimples Blackhead Toys Ears Shaped Pimple Popping Decompression Acne Blackheads Fan Remover Fun Toy(Upgraded Tweezers)

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Angel's Wonderland Novelty Funny Toy,Pimple Popper Blackhead Toys as Adults Gag Gifts,April Fool's Gifts,Fidget Toy Keychain, Pimple Popping Toy Popper...

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Pocket-Sized Fidget Toys for Skin Picking

Pop one of these playthings in a purse or pocket for pure picking pleasure anywhere, anytime.

Worry Stone for Scraping and Scratching

If you like to scratch or scrape things with your nails, textured worry stones are an excellent alternative to save your skin.

Textured Worry Stones - 23 Color Options! - Finger Fidget

These worry stones have textures on top to run your fingers over. The bottom is flat and smooth and the top is textured. They are baked in the oven to make them rock hard so they ...

Textured Worry Stone Discs - 23 Color Options - 3 Styles

These worry stones have textures on top to run your fingers over. The bottom is flat and smooth and the top is textured. They are baked in the oven to make them rock hard so they ...

Worry Stone Necklace - 23 Color Options! - Finger Fidget

Now you can take your worry stone on the go! Always have it close to your heart and a moment's rub away from peace of mind! Worry stones are smooth hard "stones" that are made of ...

Pocket Elastic Ball to Stop Hair Pulling

This cute elastic string ball fits in your pocket and can help you cope with pulling and peeling compulsions.

Trichotillomania Fidget

Hear what customers have to say about our handcrafted fidget toys: "I’m really pleased with this item. It has so many wonderful unique qualities that make it a tactile, kinetic ...

Beaded Spinning Fidget for Hair Twirling and Pulling

If you twirl or pull your hair or pick your scalp, this lovely beaded device can help you break the habit and replace it with a healthier stim.

Stim Toy for Hair and Skin Picking Support | Crystal Roller Fidget Toy and Spinner

Do you find your hands reaching for hair strands or skin? Crystal roller is for you. Here’s what Samantha had to say about it: “I have a hair picking disorder and this toy has ...

Candy Bar Skin Picking Fidget

Enjoy these candy and cookie toys for a satisfying slide sensation. 

Haptic Magnetic Thumb Slider Toy for Dermatillomania

These fidgets let you slide the magnetic pieces back and forth against each other plus have soothing ridges to rub or pick. 

Triangle Rotation Fidget Slider EDC Adult Metal Fidget Toys ADHD Tool Anxiety Stress Relief Toys Fun Office Desk Toys Men...

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Fidget Toy - Cool Metal Haptic Slider | Slim Design Clicker Sensory Gadget | Easy to Carry Office Desk Toy...

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Wearable Fidget Toys for Skin Picking

If you're trying to stop picking and pulling at your body, a wearable fidget is ideal since it closely mimics what you're already doing, and you'll always have it with you.

Cuffs for Skin Scratching and Pulling

These wearable cuffs can help if you struggle with skin scratching and picking.

Scratch and pull skin picking cuff wraps around wrist calms anxiety associated with Dermatillomania, Trichotillomania

Scratch and pull fidget skin picking cuff can help calm anxiety associated with skin picking, by giving the brain a different activity to do. Soft polyester fiber with non toxic ...

If you like these, you may also benefit from fidget blankets and muffs.

Finger Covers for Nail Biting and Hangnail Picking and Biting

If you pick or bite your nails, hangnails, and/or finger skin, these finger covers can provide a similar sensation while protecting your fingers. This is my major BFRB and I've been able to reduce it a lot by wearing finger covers while I watch TV at night. 

Lee Tippi Micro Gel Fingertip Grips -Assorted - Size 5 Small - 10 Pack (S61050)

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Fidget Toys,5PCS Squid Sucker Toys Finger Sucker Toys Decompression Sucker Toy Fidget Toy for Kids and Adults Anxiety Relief ADHD...

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Sensory Rings to Stop Skin Picking

These rings can help you stop picking or biting the skin on your hands and fingers, and they're subtle enough to wear in public.

Mr. Pen- Spiky Sensory Rings, 10 Pack, Stress Relief Fidget Sensory Toys, Fidget Rings, Fidget Ring for Anxiety, Stress Relief...

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Excoriation Disorder, Dermatillomania, Picking At Skin Disorder, Skin Picking, Trichotillomania, Mental Health, Eating Disorder, OCD

Excoriation Disorder, Dermatillomania, Excoriation, Picking At Skin Disorder, Skin Picking, Trichotillomania, Mental Health, Eating Disorder, OCD Wonderful on your finger, this ...

If you're looking for more options like this, check out our guide to fidget jewelry

More Unique Fidget Toys for Skin Picking

These toys don't quite fit into any other category, but may be helpful in your journey to replace a body-focused repetitive behavior with a healthy stim.  

Lock Pick Set

If you're going to pick, why not learn a useful skill at the same time? Lock picking has become a popular hobby, and as long as you're not doing it to steal from or hurt others, you might as well give it a try.

Practice Lock Pick Set with Instructions | 15-Pieces Professional Lock Picking Tools with One Practice Lock | Gift Set for...

Working: Using high-quality materials to achieve smooth working conditions. This 15 PCS tools set can solve various situations. Components: This tool set includes 15 pieces ...

51PCS Lock Training R Skill Set Clear Lock Picking set suitcase padlocks with keys locks with keys spy gadgets for...

51PCS Lock Training R Skill Set Clear Practice Padlock Tools Package Included:9 X Transparent Padlock18 X Key3 X Tension Wrench1 X Handy Zippered Leather Case20 X Lock Picks ...

KEZE 11Pcs Precision Pick & Hook Set with Scraper and Magnetic Telescoping Tool Kit for Remove Automotive Electronics Maintenance Hoses...

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Putty and Slime as an Alternative to Skin Peeling and Hair Pulling

If you pull your hair or peel your skin, stretching slime or putty can be an excellent replacement behavior. 

Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside!® Design Studio Kit

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Crazy Aaron's Falling Water Thinking Putty® (3.2 oz)

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Crazy Aaron's Putty Mini Tins Mystical Crystal, Ukulele, Starfish & Rose Gold Gift Set Bundle - 4 Pack (13.3g Each)

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Crazy Aaron’s Putty Pets Playful Puppy Thinking Putty®

Free shipping
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 4:09 PM

Bye Bye Anxiety, Therapy Dough, Scented Butter Slime, Aromatherapy Anxiety Relief Gift, Stress Relief Popular Slime Shops, Slime Fantasies

I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner... a skin picker, that is! I pick and bite my fingers and nails, and I'm not alone. If you struggle as I do, these ...

What are the best fidget toys for skin picking you have tried?

Let us know in the comments.

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