Have Epilepsy and Fear Going Out? Here’s How to Overcome Your Fear, According to Experts

If you have epilepsy and fear having a seizure in public, this guide will help you overcome anxiety and go outside with confidence. Epilepsy is a disorder of ...

How Applying the ABC Method Helps Us Release the Mess That Is Stress

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and first and foremost, shout out to you for engaging in the positive pro-mental health exercise geeks like us call ...

9 Effective Techniques for Managing Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time; it's a universal emotion. When it takes over and starts to affect your daily activities, though, it might ...

Cuddly Weighted Stuffed Animals for Kids and Adults to Hug

Weighted stuffed animals are a great way to bring comfort into your home. These cozy companions can help with sleep and improve the mental health of children ...

The Biggest Lesson Therapy Has Taught Me About My Anxiety

I’ve been in and out of therapy since college. And each time I’ve gone to therapy, I’ve learned something new about myself. Finding the right therapist is a ...

Why the Relationship Between Sleep and Mental Health Is a Two-Way Street

Have you ever noticed how your mind reacts to a poor night’s sleep? Do you feel sad, anxious, stressed, or unable to concentrate well? Those are some examples ...

Empowering & Funny Anxiety Merch: Shirts, Stickers, Pins & More

This anxiety merch includes shirts, pins, stickers, and more with funny and inspirational messages to raise awareness and end mental health stigmas. This ...

Calm Strips: A Complete Guide to Fidget Stickers for Anxiety, Autism, & ADHD

Calm Strips are discreet tactile fidget stickers that you can place on just about any surface. They can help people with a wide variety of mental health ...

Understanding Misophonia and Misokinesia: No, We Can’t Just Get Over It

If you know about misophonia and misokinesia, it may be because you live with these two disorders or because you know someone who does.  I have lived with ...

Fidget Toys for Skin Picking, Hair Pulling, and Dermatillomania

I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner... a skin picker, that is! I pick and bite my fingers and nails, and I'm not alone. If you struggle ...

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