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What You Need to Hear on Your Darkest Days with Mental Illness

It’s 2022, and I refer to 2013 as being 7 years ago. I don’t know where the time went and when I start to think about it, it’s all a blur, as if I have been on ...

Religious Fasting and Eating Disorders: Balancing Faith and Recovery

I admit that I am not a particularly religious person. While I am ethnically Jewish and was baptized in the Catholic church, my upbringing was not overly ...

The Hunt for Healing in Life with Mental Illness

Mental illness is a topic I research pretty often. I have struggled with anxiety and depression all of my life. While searching for answers, I found one I ...

How to Stop Ruminating and Free Yourself From Repetitive Thoughts

Have you ever had a negative thought stuck in your head and playing endlessly on repeat? It’s called rumination, and it’s profoundly detrimental to your mental ...

How Setting Mental Health Boundaries Can Help You Find Balance in Life

Each time there’s a new supervisor at my job, I give them The Talk. “Hello!” I tell them. “My name is Sheila. Here is something you need to know about me — I ...

Body Positivity Art – Artists Who Celebrate Diverse Bodies

Body positivity art celebrates all bodies, challenging society's beauty standards. From Venus of Willendorf to the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens, curvy bodies ...

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