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Body positivity art celebrates all bodies, challenging society's beauty standards. From Venus of Willendorf to the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens, curvy bodies were historically considered to be symbolic of health, sensuality, and fertility. However, in recent decades, thin bodies have been glorified to the exclusion of others, along with a narrow range of facial features, skin tones, and physical abilities. Too many women, along with non-binary people and some men, rarely see anyone like them represented in media and art. 

As a plus-size queer woman with a disability who uses a wheelchair, I almost never see anyone who looks like me depicted as beautiful or attractive. I've never been able to look in the mirror and love my body, although I try to love the soul housed within it and be kind to myself. But I've been trying to shift my perception of beauty by surrounding myself with body positivity art that celebrates people with disabilities, round hips and bellies, LGBTQ+ people, and different skin tones and appearances. And in the process, I've discovered some amazing artists who are breaking the mold and redefining beauty to include all kinds of bodies.

We need more body positivity art like this in galleries and museums, but you can create your own gallery right at home and support independent artists in the process. All of these artists sell affordable prints (and in some cases, originals) that you can buy, frame, and put up on your wall. 

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Please note that some images contain artistic nudity.

General Body Positivity Art

These artists celebrate a wide variety of bodies, and/or feature diverse races, genders, and appearances in a single piece of art.

The Good Body Collection: Art and Affirmations

All bodies are good bodies - line art featuring diverse women including a woman in a wheelchair.

D'Anna Gustafson creates wall art and wearable art about life, growth, and healing. If you sometimes need a reminder to practice self-care, you can buy her prints, stickers, and magnets to grace your home or car.

Shop for body diversity art and stickers at Grace Embodied.

Normalizing Every Body Drawing

Diverse humans seen from the back, linking arms. Varying skin colors, vitiligo, amputee. Body positivity art.

All bodies are normal and all bodies are worthy. This drawing features a group of people with diverse sizes, skin tones, and physical appearances.

Shop for real body portraits at Stand Tall Be More You.

All Bodies Are Good Bodies Art

All bodies are good bodies sticker.

This amazing image is available on stickers and t-shirts. It sums up what body positivity is about — loving ourselves no matter what we look like and whether we fit society's narrow beauty standards. The artist, Abbie, has many body positive designs available (don't miss the fat acceptance glitter fairy!) as well as stickers with messages promoting self-acceptance.

Celebrate all bodies with this sticker and more from Abbie Illustrates.

Body Positive Yoga and Pagan Art

Body positive yoga art postcard set.

This set of postcards featuring yoga pose drawings by Charlotte Thomson shows that yoga is for every kind of body. Thomson also makes art depicting diverse women as goddesses, witches, and other pagan and folk figures.

See more body acceptance art at Charlotte Thomson's shop.

Body Gardens Art Print

Woman with grass and flowers growing from her body.

This beautiful drawing imagines a woman's body as a garden. Artist Rachael Amber also makes cards, stickers, and journals that celebrate our bodies and remind us of our connection to nature.

Shop for beautiful art at Rachael Amber Design.

As I Am Divine Feminine Art

Drawing of a woman sitting on a mushroom.

Justine Applonia creates art inspired by the earth and the divine feminine. Her beautiful black-and-white and color drawings depict women with flowers and mushrooms, and some include mental health and self-acceptance messages.

See more self-acceptance art at Justine Applonia's shop.

BIPOC Body Positivity Art

“Mainstream” art often fails to represent the diversity of human skin tones and ethnic backgrounds. These artists of color celebrate BIPOC identities and show the beauty of all kinds of bodies.

Black Is Beautiful Art

Black natural hair body positivity art.

Shop for Black body positivity art at DeeLaShee Artistry.

Brown Grrrls Rule Poster

Brown Grrrls Rule! Chicana, Latina, Indigenous body positive art.

This drawing celebrates the beauty and power of Chicana, Latina, and Indigenous women. The artist, Gloria, makes many posters supporting feminism, Indigenous rights, and healing from eating disorders. And don't miss their “You Are in a Body Positive Space” poster.

See more at Nalgona Positive Shop.

I Am Enough: Body Positivity Art for Black Women

Body positivity art for Black women - I Am Enough.

This powerful poster features a curvy Black woman with affirmations written on her body. The artist, Jessica, has many affordable prints for Black teen girls and adults, including some you can customize with your daughter's name — or yours!

Find Black Girl Magic art at Wendieiera. 

Black Mother with Vitiligo and Child Oil Painting (Print)

Mother with vitiligo nursing her baby.

Madeline Gibson is a painter whose art celebrates natural hair and feminine bodies of all races and sizes.

Shop for feminine power art at Salamander Plum.

All Skin Tones Are Beautiful Poster

All skin tones are beautiful poster.

This beautiful poster celebrates bodies of all sizes and skin tones, including vitiligo, and it's also available on mugs and t-shirts.

Shop for body positivity merch at Gabby Goes Beep.

Fat Acceptance Body Positivity Art

I believe in fat acceptance, but I've struggled to accept my own body since I gained weight. I've found it helpful to look at and buy art that includes women with larger bodies to remind myself that I'm good enough just the way I am. If you need a similar reminder, these artists celebrate people of all sizes, and embrace “fat” as a term of empowerment.

Fat Mystic Body Liberation Art

Widening Circles fat acceptance art.

Fat Mystic is one of my favorite artists out of all those featured in this article. This is just one of the many empowering, spiritual, deeply moving fat acceptance art pieces they have available. 

Shop for fat acceptance art at Fat Mystic.

Fat Positive Art Woman with Flower Silhouette Print

Body positivity art - silhouette of woman with flower.

The Empowered series by artist Jude Martin features silhouettes of beautiful fat women with flowers. These pieces would look great in a bathroom, bedroom, or just about anywhere.

Shop for empowerment art at Bewildered Designs.

Swimming in the Clouds Curvy Woman Fat Acceptance Art

Curvy woman in the clouds - body positivity art.

Jac and Bec are “a deaf girl and a fat girl making magic.” They make queer-positive and fat acceptance art prints, stickers, t-shirts, and more.

Shop for self-acceptance art at Jac and Bec.

Moon Bather Ink and Watercolor Illustration Fat Positive Art

Size acceptance art - woman with flowers in the moonlight.

Artist Carolyn G. created this illustration to encourage people with larger bodies to embrace their shape. She also sells awesome art prints of feminist icons, women from mythology, and fictional characters.

Shop for feminist and size acceptance art at Velvet Hand Designs.

Mountain Figure Plus Size Woman Art Print

Plus size woman with mountain scene.

This gorgeous image of mountains in the shape of a curvy woman was created by artist Taelor Pawnell of Stylish Sista, a proud Black-owned business that offers lots of body positivity art as well as stickers and pins.

Shop for art and stickers at Stylish Sista.

BGB Fat Acceptance Poster Print

Fat acceptance art - pastel female figure.

Kenna Lindsey is a body positive artist from Santa Cruz, California who makes lovely pastel fat acceptance art that is available on both posters and stickers. 

See more fat positive posters at KennaShop. 

Chronic Illness and Disability Body Positivity Art

People with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and physical differences are one of the most forgotten groups when it comes to representation in art. Our bodies don't align with traditional, narrow principles of aesthetics and symmetry. But uniqueness and asymmetry have their own beauty — beauty that cannot be replicated. These artists celebrate bodies that are proudly different, that have fought to survive, and that provide necessary albeit imperfect homes for our souls.

All Bodies Are Beautiful Disability-Inclusive Art Print

All Bodies Are Beautiful art print featuring women of color, fat women, and disabled women celebrating their bodies.

This drawing created by Eilish from the UK features diverse women of color, fat women, and women with disabilities. It's just one of several body-positive posters available in her shop, many of which include visibly disabled women.

Shop for disability-positive art at Lish Draws Life.

Floral Goddesses Disability Acceptance Art and Fat Acceptance Art

Floral goddess who uses a wheelchair -- disability body positive original drawings.

Tyler Feder of Roaring Softly makes downloadable digital art as well as affordable original drawings that include women of all sizes and races, and people with disabilities, depicted as floral goddesses. 

Shop for disability body positivity art at Roaring Softly.

Disability & Physical Differences Body Positivity Mini-Prints

Disability and body diversity art.

This wonderful set of mini-prints features two amputees, a woman with a mastectomy, a trans man, and a woman with stretch marks.

Buy this set at SuperKip Art.

Soul Story Mastectomy Paintings

Painting of woman with left side mastectomy.

This artist creates paintings that feature different types of scars and body differences, including mastectomy, breast reconstruction, colostomy, and ileostomy. They would make the perfect gift for a breast cancer survivor, colon cancer survivor, or someone with Crohn's disease.

Shop for body acceptance paintings at Loopy LaLay.

The Mushroom Babes Eco-Friendly, Disability-Inclusive, Body Positive Art

Mushroom Babes - body positivity art with a wheelchair user and three women signing I Love You in British Sign Language.

The Mushroom Babes is an adorably whimsical series of drawings by Georgia, an artist from the U.K. Her botanically-infused women and masculine non-binary folks span a wide range of sizes and skin tones — and she's disability inclusive! She is my other favorite artist on this list.

Buy body positive drawings at the Mushroom Babes shop.

LGBTQ+ Body Positivity Art

You're Welcome LGBTQ+ Body Positive Drawing Series

Body positive queer art series featuring people of many races, genders, ages, and abilities.

This art series features the queer folks from the above photo and more, celebrating our community's diversity. The artist, Hilde Atalanta, also sells pronoun and pride pins, t-shirts, and more.

Buy body positive LGBTQ+ art at Hilde Atalanta's store.

Lesbian Lovers Floral Art

Femme lesbian couple art print.

Kaitie Fierce makes art prints featuring fat femmes and floral fantasies. Queer love and queer bodies are rarely included in art and media, especially larger women. This tender image shows the beauty of love between two women.

See more fabulous femme art at Kaitie Fierce's shop. 

Take Back the Pool Trans Inclusive Drawing

Women, trans women, and trans men swimming joyfully.

All bodies should be welcome in the pool, including trans people and people of all sizes.

Shop for LGBTQ+ BoPo art at Noah Grigni's store.

You Are Enough As You Are Queer Body Acceptance

You are enough. Soft curvy queer person, bopo art.

Yes, you are enough as you are. This affirming drawing of a soft queer woman or non-binary person was created by Phoebe, a queer non-binary artist from Devon, UK. They also draw lesbian and queer couples and can do custom art on commission.

Shop for LGBTQ+ art at Plant Based Prints.

Butch Lesbian Couple Drawing

A butch lesbian couple with curvy figures and short hair embrace in bed.

Paula Dacal is an artist from Spain whose drawings celebrate butch lesbian bodies and butch love.

Shop for queer art at Dacal.

Trans Woman in Lava Pool Drawing

Trans woman holding a crystal ball, body positivity drawing.

This charming drawing features a transgender woman looking into a crystal ball while standing in an pool of otherworldly lava. If you enjoy quirky, colorful cartoon-style drawings, you'll love this queer, feminist artist from Indiana.

Shop for queer feminist drawings at STELLACIOUSart.

Trans Top Surgery Botanical Art

Transgender top surgery art.

These beautiful prints can be purchased individually or as a group. They symbolize the freedom to grow and bloom that transgender men and transmasculine people often experience after top surgery. The artist, Sam from Niagara Falls, Canada, also creates fat-affirming and disability-affirming botanical drawings you'll love.

Shop for queer bopo art at Sam McArts.

More LGBTQIA+ Body Positive Art

If I included images from every awesome artist I found, this page would be waaaaay too long — but here are a few more to check out!

Men and Masculine Body Positivity Art

Body positivity isn't just for women! Men are often left out of these conversations, and they shouldn't be. So here are a few drawings for the guys.

Beards and Barnacles Merman / Merperson Art Print

Mermen of diverse sizes frolic in the ocean. Body positive for men.

This cheerful art print depicts mermen (and perhaps non-binary merpeople) enjoying the ocean, free and proud to be who they are. Kelly, a traditional illustrator from Newfoundland, Canada, has several other body positivity art prints available as well, so be sure to check out their store!

Shop for body positive illustrations at Moosekleenex.

Big Boys Are Beautiful Body Positive Art for Men

Big Boys Are Beautiful drawing.

Stevie draws Western animation and anime images, including this body positivity print for all the guys out there who proudly wear pink.

Shop at Mochii Makes.

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