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These autism pins, buttons, and stickers celebrate neurodiversity, advocate for autism acceptance, and empower actually autistic people.

The autistic community has been speaking out because we need more than autism awareness. We need autism acceptance, empowerment, and pride. Wearing autism pins, buttons, stickers, patches, and other visible affirmations of neurodiversity is a simple but important way to advocate for the rights of neurodivergent people. All of the autism pins, stickers, and other accessories in this list use the words and symbols actually autistic people have chosen to represent us. You won't find a single puzzle piece here — except one that's crossed out!

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Autism Pins, Buttons, Stickers, and Accessories from Neurodivergent and Autistic-Owned Businesses

All of the items featured in this section are made by artisans and small business owners who are actually autistic and/or neurodivergent.

Autism Pins – Autistic-Owned Business

Autism pins - autistic and proud, neurodivergent.

These acrylic pins make it easy to show your neurodiversity pride. The actually autistic designer also makes stickers, keychains, and silicone bracelets.

Buy autism pins at Doodle Beth Shop.

Autism Pins and Keychains – Made by an Autistic and Disabled Artist

Autism pins and feelings wheel keychain.

These beautiful enamel pins and keychains are made by an autistic person in Australia. I especially love the feelings wheel keychain as many autistic people struggle with alexithymia, a difficulty identifying your emotions.

Shop for autism pins and feelings wheel keychains at Jesse Irwin Art.

Autism Stickers and Buttons – Autistic-Run Business

Just Keep Stimming sticker, Flappy Hands are Happy Hands sticker.

These autism stickers encourage autistic people to embrace stimming and being ourselves. They are just a few of the awesome, or rather ausome, buttons and stickers you can find at Ausome Doodles, an autistic-run business.

Shop for Autistic Pride buttons and more at Ausome Doodles.

Autism Pins and Stickers – Neuro Positive

Autism stickers - neuropositive designs by an autistic artist. Nothing about us without us.

“Nothing about us without us” is a rallying cry across the disability community. Autistic people can speak for ourselves, whether it's by speech, signing, AAC, or just our actions — if neurotypical people will listen. These stickers, pins, and postcards are made by a neurodivergent artist.

Shop for outspoken autistic pins and stickers at Neuro Divers.

Spicy Autism Sticker, Autistic Women Stickers and More

Spicy autism sticker.

If you're tired of your autism being dismissed as “mild,” you'll love this “spicy autism” sticker. This autistic designer also has lots of items for women and AFAB folks whose autism often goes overlooked and undiagnosed. Wake up, world, women are autistic too; sometimes it presents differently in us, but we're valid and need to be acknowledged!

Buy autism stickers at Happy Black Cloud.

Neurodivergent Infinity Symbol Enamel Pin – Autistic-Owned Business

Neurodivergent infinity symbol pins and stickers.

The infinity symbol was chosen by neurodivergent people to represent the beauty and diversity of the autism spectrum as well as other forms of neurodiversity such as sensory processing disorder and ADHD. It is an alternative to the autism puzzle piece, which many actually autistic people find offensive. Heremeow is an autistic pin designer who also makes TV, movie, and pop culture enamel pins. 

Shop for neurodiversity pins at HereMeow.

Neurodiversity Pride Infinity Rainbow Pins and More – Created by an Autistic Artist

Neurodiversity pride rainbow infinity pendant and enamel pin.

This version of the neurodiversity infinity symbol was created by autistic artist Margaux Wosk. It is available in necklaces, pins, stickers, and keychains.

Shop for neurodiversity pride accessories at Retrophiliac.

Autism Stickers – Actually Autistic

Autism stickers - awareness, acceptance, actually autistic.

Autism acceptance, actually autistic pride, and protecting neurodivergent kids are just a few of the themes you'll find in this neurodiverse, feminist, and LGBTQ+ affirming designer's line of stickers, magnets, mugs, and more.

Shop for actually autistic stickers at Mouthy Broad Co.

Autism Communication Badges and Badge Kits – Disabled-Owned Business

Autism communication badge kit.

Communication badges help autistic and other disabled people who are non-verbal and/or in situations where speaking may be difficult due to stress or sensory overload. These communication badges are available individually or in badge kits such as the one shown above. They also offer badges for auditory processing disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and other invisible disabilities.

Shop for autism badges at Sootmegs.

I'm a Person, Not a Puzzle Autism Pin and Stim Pin

Autism pins: I'm a person, not a puzzle, and It's my body and I'll stim if I want to.

People who are new to the world of autism often think of the puzzle piece as a symbol of autism awareness. But most autistic adults hate the puzzle piece, because it suggests that we are a puzzle that needs to be solved, or that autistic people are missing pieces compared to neurotypical people. 

Shop for anti-puzzle piece and more REAL autism awareness pins at Kate Does Create.

Autistic Pride, Anti-ABA, and Anti-Autism Speaks Buttons

ABA Is Abuse button, F Autism Speaks button.

Most autistic people tell it like it is, and these buttons do just that. We're tired of neurotypicals trying to change us for their convenience using abusive ABA, and funding toxic organizations like Autism Speaks that think we need to be cured. Wear one or several of these autism buttons and let the world know how you feel!

Shop for autistic activism buttons at Mellow Out and About Art, an autistic-owned small business.

Neurodiversity Buttons, Patches, and Zines – Made by a Trans and Autistic Artist

Cure neurotypicals now! Funny autism empowerment patch.

These autism patches, buttons, and zines are made by Lex, a queer, trans, autistic artist.

Shop for autism empowerment art at AIWS Art. 

Neurodiversity Is Beautiful Pins, Stickers – Queer and Autistic Artist

Neurodiversity is beautiful sticker made by an autistic artist.

Neurodiversity is beautiful, and so are all the designs created by this autistic artist. She also makes pins, magnets, and more that celebrate the disability community, the LGBTQ+ community, and the rights of BIPOC.

Shop for neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ affirming art by Jaymee Laws.

Autism Acceptance NOT Awareness – Neurodivergent and Queer-Owned Business

Autism acceptance NOT awareness keychain.

Autism awareness is not enough. We need autism acceptance, and this keychain makes that clear. This design is also available in stickers, buttons, and earrings, so you can advocate wherever you go.

Shop for autism acceptance accessories and more at Awkward Anxiety Arts.

Neurodiverse Universe Pin – Nonbinary, Queer, Neurodivergent Designer

Neurodiverse Universe pin

These autism pins and stickers celebrate us just the way we are.

Shop for autism pins and stickers at TeukMade.

More Autism Stickers, Pins, and Accessories

This section contains more autism acceptance and empowerment items we love, but the business is either not autistic-owned / neurodivergent-owned, or we don't know for sure. 

Cure Society, Not Autism Pin

Cure society, not autism pin, with a dog and heart on it.

This pin was designed by a person with mental health conditions for a loved one on the autism spectrum. It's a sweet design, perfect for kids, teachers, and parents, and a great way to express autism acceptance.

Shop for mental health and autism pins at Art by Ditto.

Autism Acceptance Window Stickers and Laptop Stickers

Autism acceptance car sticker and laptop sticker.

These autism stickers can go in your car window or on your laptop to help spread the word about acceptance.

Shop for autism acceptance car stickers and computer stickers at Night Owl Vinyl.


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