13 Chronic Illness Pins, Stickers, & Patches Spoonies Will Love

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Chronic illness pins, stickers, and patches are a way to let the world know where you stand — without having to take a stand. ‘Cause ya know, sometimes we can't stand, or we faint, or we need a nap afterwards. Maybe you have fibromyalgia.  Maybe you have dysautonomia.  Maybe you have EDS. Whatever it is you have, you can almost certainly find a funny chronic illness sticker or patch or button to represent YOU. Plus every item we list here was made by a small business owner, most of whom are chronically ill themselves. You can find something that will make you laugh, make you cry, or help you give the proverbial “middle finger” to the world. Of course that's not PC, but if you have battled chronic illness for a while, you know that it's a war of its own.  We love these chronic illness pins, stickers, and patches, and hope you do too!

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Chronic Illness Pins

These enamel pins and buttons are a fun way to add a little pizazz to your bag or clothes. The number of chronic illness pins available is endless, and you are sure to find one that represents you! These are some of our favorites.

Hippomobility – Hilarious Hypermobility Enamel Chronic Illness Pin

Hippomobility - hypermobility funny chronic illness pin.

Hippomobile! We love it. Some chronic illnesses, especially ones like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, can cause hypermobility.  Hypermobility is when your joints are too loose, so you might seem “double jointed” or extremely flexible.  We love this punny chronic illness pin.

Get your hippomobile pin here.

No, I'm Not Too Young to Have Chronic Pain Button

Chronic Pain button - I'm not too young.

I swear, I've heard this a thousand times. It's kind of a doctor go to when they aren't sure what to say, when they look at you with usually a combination of sympathy and pity.  It's not my favorite saying in the world… “you're too young for this.” Well, obviously I'm not TOO young, because I have it.  Yeah, I'm young.  Yeah, I have a chronic illness. But just because I'm young, please don't discount my chronic illnesses.  I think that doctors mean well when they say things like that, but if you've ever had a doctor tell you ‘you're too young' then this might be the pin for you! Chronic pain is an unfortunate part of almost every chronic illness, but we love this funny chronic pain and chronic illness pin poking fun at the things that doctors say.

Shop for this and other pins from Doodlepeople here.

Ghost Invisible Chronic Illness Pin

Chronic Illness pin - invisible disability ghost

To me, this pin has a double meaning.  Yes, it is pointing out that not all disabilities and chronic illnesses are visible, but being an actual ghost makes it say to me, “Hello world, you can't ignore me.  I'm not invisible, even if my chronic illness is.”  Too many times those of us with invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses are left to the fringes of society, made fun of, put down, or even downright ignored. This ghost pin about invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses is from Bionic Outlaw, a small business who by their own bio is focusing on destigmatizing disabilities.  We are here for it!

Shop for this invisible illness pin here.

Supercalifragilistic Chronic Illness Pin

Funny chronic illness pin - Mary Poppins parody

I'm pretty sure this pin doesn't need too much explanation cause, yes, I feel atrocious and I'm sure you do, too, a lot of the time! We love this funny chronic illness pin from InnaboxDesign, a UK based small business focusing on gifts for spoonies!

Shop for this funny pin from InnaboxDesign here.

Yours to Unpack Chronic Illness Pin

Chronic illness pins - your discomfort is yours to unpack button.

So this isn't so much a funny chronic illness pin, but we love it because it is more of a chronic illness awareness pin. It lets the world know that if they are the ones who are uncomfortable, maybe because of a service dog, maybe because of a wheelchair or a tic or an endless amount of possible reasons — well, that's not on you.  That's on them and their beliefs, and they are the ones who need to work it out. The world might not understand all us spoonies yet, but there's no reason to ever be ashamed of anything related to chronic illness so you do you and stand tall with your head high. You are worthy just by existing.

Shop for chronic illness awareness pins here.


Chronic Illness Stickers

Stickers are so much fun! They are a super easy way to show the world how you are feeling and what you think, without being too direct.  Accessorize them on a planner, a binder, a calendar… the possibilities are endless. There's also the option to just collect them! These funny chronic illness stickers struck a chord with us and we hope you like them just as much as we do.

My Spoons Are in the Dishwasher – Spoonie Sticker

Spoonie sticker - my spoons are in the dishwasher.

Spoonies know how valuable spoons are.  If you have five spoons a day and spend three on a shower, then you only have two spoons left for the rest of the day. But sometimes (often) we run out of spoons, borrow spoons, take spoons from tomorrow or the day after. So when we say we are out of spoons, we really mean it! We love this funny chronic illness sticker because it references the spoon theory and spoonies and how we run out all too often. Are your spoons in the dishwasher right now? I know mine are!

Get your funny dishwasher spoon sticker here.

My Stomach Says No – Funny Chronic Illness Sticker

Chronic illness sticker - my stomach says no.

GI issues are common with SO many chronic illnesses. There are of course illnesses like gastroparesis, IBS, or Crohn's that cause GI issues, but GI issues are also extremely common side effects of medication and part of a lot of other chronic illnesses. When your heart is telling you how good that milkshake is or you're craving those carne asada fries, our tummies will give us a big, fat no. We think this funny chronic illness sticker perfectly encapsulates the want/can't have GI and food issues so many of us experience.

Get your funny tummy chronic illness sticker here.

Brian Frog – Brain Fog Sticker

Brain frog funny chronic illness sticker.

Brain fog is a common symptom of many conditions although it might be more well-known in something like fibromyalgia. It can be hard to concentrate, hard to focus, hard to remember, hard to do just about anything with brain fog.  It's like a hazy cloud hanging over you, which is one of the reasons we love this funny brain frog sticker so much! It's a play on brain fog, which so many of us have experienced.  Stickers are a fun way to accessorize and express yourself and make light of the conditions and symptoms many of us battle on a day to day basis. This is another funny chronic illness sticker from InnaboxDesign. They have tons of great chronic illness items!

Shop for this brain fog sticker here.

PAINgolin Chronic Pain Sticker

Chronic paingolin sticker

PAINgolin — how great is that?! It's a fun play on words and pain is such a big part of so many chronic illnesses. It's one of the worst parts, but we love this punny sticker!

Find this PAINgolin funny chronic pain sticker here.

Are the Neurotypicals OK?

Are the neurotypicals ok?

We love this sticker from FreeYourBones! It's all too funny in an all too wacky world, and we want it! This would be a great sticker to add to your collection. Really, are any of us OK?

Shop for are the neurotypicals ok stickers here.


Chronic Illness Patches

You can collect patches or use them for so many fun things.  A lot of patches these days are simply iron on, so you can stick them on a purse, a backpack, a pair of jeans, or a jacket. These funny chronic illness patches are another way to add a little bit of self-expression to your every day wear.

Permanently Exhausted Pigeon Chronic Fatigue and Illness Patch

Chronic illness patch - permanently exhausted pigeon

The phrase “permanently exhausted pigeon” has been popping up on social media and in memes, and we love this patch because it plays on that and we are ALL some form of permanently exhausted pigeon these days. With chronic illness, fatigue is pretty much a given. Everything seems SO much harder when you are chronically ill, but we love this funny chronic illness pigeon patch that expresses our exhaustion in a cute and innocent way.

Are you a permanently exhausted pigeon too? Get this and other chronic illness patches here from GeekParade.

All Day ErryDay Patch

Meds all day erryday chronic illness patch to iron or sew on.

We love this funny patch from Punkypins. They have a wide variety of patches, pins, and stickers, even phone cases! You can find a good amount of chronic illness related items here.

Meds are part of the package with chronic illness, and this funny play on “all day erryday” encapsulates the struggle we go through with our meds as chronic illness warriors.

Check out this funny chronic illness patch here.

Tired but Kicking Ass Patch

Chronic illness patch - tired but kicking ass.

And finally, we have this funny chronic illness patch. As exhausted as you may be, don't ever forget that every day you fight, every day that you as a person with chronic illness live, is a day that you are kicking ass. Your life may look different than an able-bodied person's life, but that doesn't make it any less and you are, in fact, kicking ass, you wonderful warrior you!

Shop for this patch and others from Punkypins here.

Self-expression is a healthy way to communicate to the world what we are thinking, feeling, and going through.  All of these funny chronic illness pins, stickers and patches can draw awareness to whatever chronic illness it may be that you are dealing with. So many of these are so accurate, and we think it comes from the fact that many of these small businesses are owned with persons with disabilities, so not only have they been there, but supporting them in their endeavors allows us to support our own spoonie community, which we love. We hope you enjoyed these as much as we did and check out the link below if you are a disabled small business owner!

Are you a chronically ill/disabled small business owner who sells on Etsy? We want to feature your work in this or another article at no cost to you. Contact us.

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