14 Thoughtful & Funny Chronic Illness T-Shirts & Spoonie Clothing


Representation is important, and funny chronic illness t-shirts and sweatshirts are a great way to rep your chronic illness. Remember those angsty teen years when no matter which way your fashion choices leaned, fashion was THE thing to let the world know how you felt? There’s no reason that needs to change now that we are older! Here’s a collection of funny chronic illness t-shirts and chronic illness awareness shirts that we think are worth a shout out. Whatever your chronic illness may be, these stores are sure to have something that will jump out at you the second you see it. A lot of times the makers are persons with chronic illnesses, mental illnesses or disabilities as well, so not only are you repping, you are supporting a small business owner navigating their own health journey, trying to make their way in this world. 

There are a ton of chronic illness t-shirts out there, a huge variety of whatever you could dream of and if you can’t find what you want, there’s sure to be someone who can make it these days. From subtle to loud, the pieces we choose to display can be a way for us to represent our chronic illnesses, maybe educate if there are comments on the piece, and it might even encompass something we can’t even articulate to the world ourselves… or it might just be super freaking fun! Plus, nearly all these designs were created by people who live with a chronic condition — it’s by us and for us! So check out this chronic illness clothing, let us know which ones are your favorite, and get to repping!

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Funny Chronic Illness T-Shirts

Fibromyalgia Sloth – Humorous Chronic Illness Shirt

Fibromyalgia Sloth Chronic Illness T-Shirt

If I were an animal, I would definitely be a sloth and honestly, it makes sense. Everything I do is slow. POTS acting up? Stand up slow. Walking around? Walk slow and balance yourself, always looking for a good place to catch yourself if things go wrong. Fibromyalgia? Brain fog, stiffness, muscle pain… definitely going to be slow. And if you didn’t know, sloths are the official awareness animal for those of us with gastroparesis. Gastroparesis falls under the dysautonomia umbrella of chronic illness, and it causes delayed gastric emptying, resulting in possible nausea, vomiting, pain, bloating, bathroom issues… lots of fun things, but essentially everything with chronic illness is slow, so sloths are perfect! There are various funny sloth chronic illness shirts, sweatshirts and other sloth items right now since sloths are IN! The nice thing about this tee is that it goes up to size 3X and comes in several colors.

Do you have sloth level energy? Shop for sloth fibromyalgia t-shirts here.

I Wish My Chronic Pain Would Ghost Me – Funny Chronic Pain T-Shirt

I wish my chronic pain would ghost me - funny chronic illness t-shirt.

Ah chronic pain, my nemesis. Chronic pain is something that lives in my life like white noise. It comes along with the chronic illness. Always in the background, always irritating. Sometimes the noise is quiet, sometimes the noise is so loud I can’t do anything because my pain drowns everything out. In this day and age, ‘ghosting’ has become a regular thing, and I really wish my chronic pain and chronic illness WOULD ghost me, like this funny chronic pain and chronic illness shirt.

Shop for chronic pain shirts here.

My Milkshake Brings All the… Doctors? – Funny Chronic Illness Shirt

First of all, if you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a milkshake, the lactose intolerant world is jealous. In the song by Kelis, her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but in a spoonie and chronic illness world, it’s accurate to say doctors. For each of us with chronic illness, we probably have a few (at least a PCP and maybe some specialists). Some of us have a lot of doctors. Regardless, doctors can put off chronic illness for a long time, make you feel like there’s nothing wrong (especially for women), but doctors also look at chronic illness patients and at some point in their treatment, don’t know what else to do. Normal labs? Normal stats? We’ve been there. It can be incredibly frustrating to try and get an accurate diagnosis with chronic illness, but make sure to be your own advocate and ask for help from a loved one or friend if you need it. There are also patient advocates at most hospitals or social workers if you need a little extra help managing your chronic illness or illnesses. This funny chronic illness t-shirt might even be the perfect emergency room outfit, too, if you dare…

Shop for this funny chronic illness milkshake doctors shirt here.

Everything Hurts! Tie Dye Tee, Chronic Illness Clothes

Everything hurts! Rainbow honest, funny chronic pain t-shirt with tie-dye.

Another shirt alluding to chronic pain and chronic illness, we love this one because of the contrasting tie-dye and rainbows with the statement “Everything Hurts!” The juxtaposition of the design on the t-shirt and the message are a funny way to let you the world know you hurt without being too doom and gloom.

Get your “everything hurts” chronic illness rainbow t-shirt here.

She Believed She Could, but… Chronic Illness T-Shirt

She believed she could, but she was really tired, so she didn't. Chronic illness meme shirt.

This popular phrase t-shirt has been edited a bit from the original, which now makes it the perfect funny chronic illness t-shirt. Chronic illness is exhausting, and not just in the ways you would think. Yes, chronic illness often comes with brain fog, confusion or memory loss, physical limitations, sleep issues, and chronic pain. How could you NOT be tired? Often over looked are the “professional patient” aspects of being chronically ill like spending all that time traveling to and attending appointments, talking to insurance companies and pharmacies, and fighting for benefits. All of that is exhausting too. And that’s OK. It’s OK if you can’t do it today. It’s OK if you need to nap. It’s OK if you need some time for yourself. The world is a hard place right now. Chronic illness is hard. Be extra kind to yourself right now.

Find this and other funny chronic illness shirts here.

No Spoons Only Knives – Funny Spoonie T-Shirt

No spoons left, only knives, spoonie t-shirt.

Ever feel like you’re borrowing spoons from tomorrow to pay for today? At some point, your spoons are going to run out, and when that happens, things might get a little dicey… Kidding of course, but running out of spoons while battling chronic illness is an all too familiar occurrence for us spoonies, and when that happens, it’s hard to be in a good mood, be patient, come from a place of love and all that jazz, so we (or at least me) get a little edgy. This t-shirt can be fun or serve as a warning. Proceed with caution.

Shop for this funny spoonie shirt here.

Straight Outta Spoons – Straight Outta Compton Parody Spoonie T-shirt

Straight Outta Spoons Straight Outta Compton spoonie parody t-shirt.

This shirt is simple, to the point, and says it all.

Shop for this funny Straight Outta Spoons chronic illness t-shirt here.

Harry Potter Funny Chronic Illness T-Shirt

Harry Potter chronic illness t-shirt - my body's mischief is far from managed.

Will my witches and wizards please stand up? If your body solemnly swears it is up to no good on a daily basis, you will love this Harry Potter-themed chronic illness shirt.

Shop for Mischief Managed Chronic Illness T-shirts here.


Chronic Illness Awareness T-Shirts

Invisible Illnesses Awareness – Accessibility and Inclusivity Short-Sleeved T-shirt

Accessibility and inclusivity invisible illness t-shirt.

We especially love this invisible illness awareness shirt for its simple and to the point message. We also love that it brings awareness to chronic illnesses that are likely to be more subtle. How many movies have spit out “just because you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.” Maybe overplayed in Hollywood, this actually sums up invisible illnesses pretty well. People don’t realize what’s under the surface and going on and what kind of chronic illnesses someone may be experiencing. How many social media posts have you seen from strangers shaming those who “don’t look sick” for using disabled parking spaces, service dogs, bus seats… you name it. What these strangers don’t realize is that all too often so many of our chronic illnesses don’t have outward symptoms. There’s a war going on inside of us, but to the general public, we look “fine.” This chronic illness awareness shirt touches on some of those invisible chronic illnesses and we are here for it!

Shop for this chronic illness awareness shirt here.

Flare Day Chronic Illness Awareness Sweatshirt

This is my flare day sweatshirt - chronic illness awareness.

Ugh. Flares. If you have chronic illness, you know what a flare day is. You know it all too well. This comfy and cozy crewneck sweatshirt has a loose fit and is a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend for the best of both words. Even better is that it’s a Spoonie Shop! The maker has all sorts of awesome spoonie clothes, stickers, mugs… spoonies get spoonies! Supporting small business owners with chronic illness or disabilities is a huge part of our mission here, and most of these shops are owned by persons with chronic illness or disabilities or mental illness.

Shop for this illness awareness sweatshirt here.

I’m Not Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Shirt

My illness may be invisible, but I am not. Comfortable sweatshirt.

Your chronic illness might be invisible, but you are not. Don’t ever forget it.

Shop for invisible illness awareness shirt here.

Dysautonomia Awareness Shirt

Always Dizzy Gang

Dysautonomia, especially Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), can cause massive dizziness and fainting. Many other chronic illnesses or even medications can cause dizziness, and we love this shirt that brings awareness to the dizziness that accompanies chronic illness.

Shop for dysautonomia and other chronic illness awareness shirts here.

EDS Awareness Shirt

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a connective tissue disorder that results in hypermobility. Joints get super loose and can dislocate or sublux (partially dislocate), so this fun skeleton shirt brings awareness to the the hypermobility in EDS. There’s also a lot of great zebra items for sale, which is the EDS awareness animal.

Shop for this Ehlers Danlos Syndrome chronic illness awareness t-shirt here.

Spoonie Shirts

Definition of a spoonie t-shirt.

This spoonie shirt educates those who read it on what a spoonie is exactly. We love FusedWithLoveCo because they have so many chronic illness awareness shirts to choose from. In addition to their wide variety of funny chronic illness t-shirts and chronic illness awareness shirts, this shop also has awareness blankets, stuffed animals, and all sorts of fun stuff. If you want to rep, you can get your whole set up here essentially (we especially love the variety of conditions the shop highlights) AND support a small business owner with chronic illness. Win win!

Shop for this spoonie awareness shirt and other chronic illness awareness items from FusedWithLoveCo.

Fashion is a way to express yourself, and it’s not any different for a spoonie. There’s so many things about chronic illness that suck, so why not have a little fun with it? These funny chronic illness shirts and chronic illness awareness shirts can start conversations, educate others, and help you express yourself regarding your chronic illness while still being cute, comfy, and fashionable! We love to support small business owners with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and mental illnesses and at the same time have some fun. We hope you enjoy these funny chronic illness and chronic illness awareness t-shirts and sweatshirts as much as we do!

Are you a small business owner with a chronic illness, disability, and/or mental illness?

We’d love to feature your creations. Contact The Ability Toolbox to be considered for this or a future article.

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