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Weighted Blankets for Autism Reviewed by Autistic Adults

If you're on the autism spectrum, these weighted blankets can help you address your sensory needs to achieve a calm, peaceful night's sleep. Weighted blankets ...

The Ultimate Sensory Bottles Guide for Kids & Adults

Sensory bottles are a fun and interactive way for children and adults alike to explore, learn, and self-regulate emotions. As an adult on the autism spectrum, ...

Ultimate Sensory Bags Guide for Babies, Toddlers, & Kids

If you're looking for a fun, mess-free way to help your child develop cognitive and motor skills, sensory bags offer endless possibilities for exploration and ...

The Ultimate Sensory Bin Ideas Guide for Kids of All Ages

These sensory bin ideas provide endless hours of fun, creativity, and learning for children of all ages. Ready to dive into the world of sensory play and ...

Sensory Fidget Blankets for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Autism

Do you or a loved one struggle with restless hands and a need for tactile sensory input due to dementia, Alzheimer's disease, autism, or ADHD? If so, fidget ...

Sensory Swings for Kids and Adults with Autism or ADHD: A Guide

Sensory swings are important tools to help children and adults with conditions such as autism and ADHD self-regulate and live their best lives. As an autistic ...

From Shame to Strength: Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Health in Asian Cultures

The conversation around mental health, while increasingly vital, is fraught with stigma and misunderstanding. This issue becomes even more pronounced within ...

How to Design a Sensory Garden

With the arrival of the warmer months of the year, people will be looking to spend as much time outside as possible. For loved ones that have autism or other ...

The Ultimate Executive Dysfunction Self-Help Guide: Coping Skills to Help You Thrive

Welcome to the ultimate self-help guide for coping with executive dysfunction! If you struggle with executive functioning skills such as managing time, staying ...

The Double Empathy Challenge: Understanding Motherhood from the Perspective of Autistic Moms

Many people have a basic understanding of what it's like to be a mom. They can imagine the joys and challenges, how it feels to hold your new baby, how ...

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