Power Up Your Day: Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy

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Fatigued, stressed, no motivation…does this sound familiar? The lack of energy affecting millions worldwide has become so normalized in society that many people don’t realize there are effective ways to boost energy without being analyzed from head to toe by the medical industry. Having the right amount of energy each day can transform sluggish living into an enjoyable lifestyle that you look forward to waking up to each and every day. You can power up your day by using the following effective ways to boost your energy such as sleeping well, eating well, exercising, and more. Once you start practicing these powerful tips, you’ll never look back. 

Sleep Right

Sleep is a leading factor in reduced energy levels. The lack of sleep that humans experience due to careers, family life, and stress, has desensitized us to how important sleep is in our daily life. Sleep is the body’s way of boosting our system and giving us the energy we need to power through our day. 

The recommended amount of sleep each night is 8-10 hours. In some cases, women may require even more sleep by a couple of hours. This time frame should be solid uninterrupted sleep. Yes, that means sleeping without multiple waking through the night and tossing and turning from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. 

How can you achieve energy-boosting sleep? The answer is simple. Start setting sleep-inducing routines each night. Turn off all electronics an hour or two before bed. Find a calming activity to do with your kids, significant other, or on your own, and relax your body and mind before sleep. Turn off all the lights and make sure your room is set at a cooler temperature. By taking these important steps into account, you will find that your sleep will be deeper, better, and will transform the way your body stores and releases energy. Start waking up to a day full of mental and physical energy and strength by getting enough sleep. 

Eat Well

Consuming a healthy diet may sound like a drag, but ultimately if you want more energy you have to train your mind to love healthy food. It is possible! Find foods that you love and replace unhealthy and processed ingredients with healthy alternatives. Your body will adjust and as you notice how much more energy you have by cutting out heavily processed foods, you’ll find your eating habits less of a diet and more of a lifestyle. Too many carbs, sugar, and chemically engineered ingredients can wreak havoc on energy levels so it’s time to eliminate those harmful additives if you want more energy.

Antioxidants are also one of the most powerful ways to achieve energy throughout the day. By introducing and consuming antioxidants through foods such as berries, nuts and seeds, and other hearty vegetables and lean meats, you can boost your body’s ability to fight free radicals and enhance energy levels.

Shop C60 has a variety of healthy, organic, and high quality oils that can be used in salad, food, and other various ways for an antioxidant boost. Carbon 60, C60 for short, is a powerhouse of an antioxidant beating out the others by having the ability to reset itself and continue relieving oxidative stress. Neutralizing free radicals and eliminating oxidative stress means less fatigue and more energy to up your day. These products are all natural, organic, and created with the highest standards in the industry. 


When you engage in physical activity that gets your blood pumping and your heart racing, it’s the gateway to increasing energy. Endorphins are elevated within the body when you exercise and the more you practice this daily or weekly habit the more energy you’ll have each day. Incorporating exercise into your schedule may not seem like an easy task, but only 15 minutes of brisk walking a day is a great place to start. By training your body to move, you will find that your energy levels are growing and you can find the endurance you need to get through the day. 

If exercise seems like an arduous mountain to climb, start by taking it slow. Walk each morning or evening. Start doing yoga. Find a friend to join you and ask them to support you on your journey of health. Experiencing revitalizing energy will revive your motivation to work out. It doesn’t have to start in the gym, it can start at home with the time and energy you currently have. Build from there and find the stamina you've been looking for. 

Don’t Stress

Stress is an energy killer. The more you worry about situations out of your control, the more fatigue you will experience. Stress and anxiety raise cortisol levels in the body and affect almost every organ of the body. To reduce stress, take the time to enjoy time with loved ones, start a hobby, exercise, eat well, sleep well, and find an attitude of gratitude each day. This positive approach to life will allow your body to relax. As you find the good in each day, you’ll notice a boost in energy that will help you get through the day. 

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