Post-Vasectomy Depression: Reasons, Ways to Deal, and More

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If you're experiencing post-vasectomy depression, these tips can help you understand the reasons and learn coping techniques.

Before getting the vasectomy, you had probably spent hours understanding the procedure. You learned about what to expect during and after the surgery. This research helped you prepare for it physically. 

However, you likely didn’t consider the emotional side effects. Many contemplate the physical aftermath, while only a few understand the emotional weight of getting this surgery. 

Have you been feeling low after a vasectomy? Then you aren’t alone. Most men experience depression after a vasectomy due to remorse and anger. These emotional reactions are not predictable and depend on various triggers.

In this blog, we will talk about the reasons for post-vasectomy depression, ways to deal with it, and more. 

Why Are Post-Vasectomy Mental Health Side Effects Underrated?

Statistics suggest that vasectomy is a common surgery that 5% of all married men undergo. Almost 500,000 American men get vasectomies each year. 

Apart from being common, vasectomies are a fairly easy and painless procedure. According to Obsidian Men’s Health, patients will start with an initial consultation to schedule the surgery. Usually, it costs around USD 1000 or more, depending on the clinic’s pre- and post-operation preparation. 

You should choose a reputed and reliable men’s clinic. For that, you must check their reviews, pricing transparency, and success stories. They might also offer free services, like giving you food and drinks. 

After finalizing your selection, you’ll be consulting with a men's health specialist. They will help you relax and get ready for the operation. And you’ll be out in 10 to 30 minutes. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Even though this is a simple and frequently performed procedure in the country, many don’t discuss its underrated side effects. Research shows that the psychological effects of vasectomies are relatively under-researched. 

However, any health specialist will argue that having temporary post-vasectomy depression is ‘perfectly normal.’ The sheer lack of knowledge catches men off guard, making it hard for them to accept help. 

That’s why men don’t expect any occurrence of mental health changes or issues. Let’s take Ted’s example. 

He got a vasectomy at 41 years old, expecting a 3-day recovery. However, it turned into a week-long, uncomfortable pain accompanied by intense anxiety and periods of depression. Ted was unaware of this side effect and utterly unprepared. He soon realized the path to recovery would be more complicated than expected.

Why Do Men Feel Depressed After a Vasectomy?

Do you resonate with Ted’s story? Then, you are probably eager to know why post-vasectomy depression happens. It can be due to the following factors: 

  • Regret or resentment over the decision to never have kids 
  • Grief about what might have been, even if you chose the surgery knowing you don't want more children
  • The feeling of lost masculinity 
  • Confusion about what the future holds 

Furthermore, you can experience post-vasectomy depression if you’ve already overcome past anxiety or depression. Some doctors compare this feeling to the emotional turmoil a woman goes through during menopause

2 Ways to Deal With Depression After a Vasectomy

You can follow these tips to help deal with post-vasectomy depression. 

#1. Take CBD Supplements 

One way to deal with depression after a vasectomy is by taking cannabidiol (CBD) supplements. According to WebMD, CBD can help you deal with depression and anxiety. These non-hemp products can alter your mind, make you feel comfortable, and reduce pain. 

However, you need to find a distributor affiliated with state-certified CBD manufacturers. These manufacturers will comply with safety standards, ensure the highest quality, and be transparent. That means you, as an end user, will have access to the highest-quality CBD products. 

According to KND Labs, producers should be open about end-to-end manufacturing and supply processes. For instance, reputed manufacturers have contracted farmers to control the seed stock before it reaches the labs. After that, it undergoes stringent testing before being shipped. 

That’s why you should choose a pharmaceutical company that gets products supplied by reputed CBD manufacturers. 

#2. Be Open About Your Mental Health

It’s OK if you don’t feel your very best after a vasectomy. Yes, you are allowed to feel lost, angry, or remorseful. However, bottling up your psychological issues will only make things worse.

That’s why you must be transparent about your feelings and accept reality. Remember to engage in open conversation with your surgeon, partner, and therapist. It will help you understand that you’ve made this choice for a better future. 

You can also talk to the urologist for insight into the emotional and physical journey you are going through. A little soul-searching and candid communication will help you feel better within a few days. 

The Way Forward

Most men report high satisfaction and minimal side effects from vasectomies. However, some go through intense depression and anxiety. They develop an increased psychological imbalance, leading to a hopeless feeling

That is why a thorough understanding of the procedure and its emotional side effects is crucial. Only men’s healthcare professionals can help you understand the mental health issues arising from vasectomy. If you are aware of what to expect, there might be minimal internal conflict. 

Remember to take CBD supplements and talk to a professional if you’re already going through emotional distress after getting a vasectomy.

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