15 Shops Making Glamorous & Stylish Medical Aids

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Bored with beige? Seeking fashionable stoma covers, catheter covers, tube tape, and crutch pads? These stylish medical aids can help you manage your health while looking fabulous. 

Leaving hospital in 2018 with a bag full of stoma supplies, I’ll confess, I found myself horrified. Not by the months of trauma, or even the thought of adapting to my new body, but by the utter beige-ness of the options packed away for me.

Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of neutrals. My vibe has ranged from witch-girl-fall, to obnoxiously loud geometric flares, and faux fur jackets that Ron Burgundy would be proud to don. Sure, such aesthetics tend to raise an eyebrow or two, but they also have a way of attracting gushing compliments from fellow fashion extroverts. And I’m a sucker for a compliment.

The thing is, for me, and so many others, fashion represents more than just fabric, stitches, and a way to keep warm. It’s an expression. It says, “this is who I am, and this is how I want you to perceive me.” Perhaps even more so for disabled and chronically ill women.

For us, fashion can be a gateway to a conversation. It can inspire others to look beyond our medical and mobility aids. It can help us to claim ownership of our own bodies after years of disassociating through treatments, surgeries, and invasive testing. A beautiful garment or accessible accessory pushes me to explore beyond the voice in my head that tells me my body is my enemy. Instead, I can use an outfit to transform my body into a gallery, displaying works of art that convey a message of, well, me.

When I discovered the option of black stoma bags, my relationship with my ileostomy was transformed. My scars, my stretched and dimpled skin, they simply didn’t bother me anymore. Who knew a color could alter so much? But it did. Suddenly, the bag was no longer a blight on my abdomen, but an extension of myself and my style.

Shouldn’t that always be the case? I certainly believe the use of medical aids should never negate our flair. Be it a stoma bag, feeding tube, catheter, or PICC line, thanks to the sellers listed below, there’s no need to resign ourselves to clinical, flesh-colored products that don’t come close to matching our shoes.

Stylish Medical Aids

These creators are making stylish medical aids and accessories that are both glamorous and accessible. And you bet there’s still time to add a few to your holiday wish list.

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Stylish Medical Aids: Sassy Stoma Bag Covers

  1. Sarah’s Sewing Shed
    This independent seller creates novelty stoma bag covers literally from a shed in her garden. From festive fur-baby designs, to lingerie-complementing lace, there’s a fabric for every taste. My personal favorite is the peacock feathers pattern. Sarah also accepts custom orders for variable sizes, colors, and designs. I’ll take five, please.  
  2. Stomy Bags by Med Threads
    Sporting a huge range of fabrics, Stomy Bags offers closed and open-ended stoma covers for the playful, cute, and classy. For the ostomate fan of The Office in your life, this cheeky design would make for an ideal stocking filler.

Medical Aids for Bladder Babes: Catheter Covers and More

  1. The Cotton Bunny
    This shop sells specialist items for catheter users, and the common thread among their reviews is confidence. Originating from a single custom order, Sharon has sold thousands of fabulous catheter bag covers, and has been known to create custom sizes when asked nicely. This Christmas cranberry would look gorgeous with a sparkly number for the upcoming party season.

  2. Catheter Covers by Med Threads
    Reportedly offering a soft touch against the skin, the catheter urinary drainage leg bag covers sold here are also silky on the eyes. This funky design is perfect for vintage queens and kings, while this red satin catheter tube cover adds an extra layer of discretion for those taking a more maximalist approach to accessorizing over the festive period. I say, sell it sister, sell it.

  3. Sew and Zo
    Zoe sells handcrafted surgical tube accessories for my divas with feeding tubes or suprapubic catheters. I also have on good authority that their bag covers with clips and poppers attached are life savers. Say goodbye to sore, sticky legs. As an independent crafter, her range is constantly changing and evolving, but she has some fabulous tubie pad accessories on offer at the moment. It seems her Christmas launch may be imminent too, so keep your eyes peeled for more of her stylish medical aids.

Glamorous Medical Accessories for Tubie Beauties: Feeding Tube Covers and Tube Tape

  1. Made for You by ChelseaLoo
    Offering sweet reusable surgical feeding tube covers for tubie fashionistas, Chelsea personally uses her products, so rest assured she’s a safe pair of hands. Her products are launched seasonally through her Etsy shop, and her stunning matching sets are sure to tip all of you coordination queens over the edge. Following her Instagram page of the same name is the best way to hear news of upcoming designs.

  2. Tubie Cheeks
    With great feeding tube tape options for all ages, Tubie Cheeks adult selections come with a side of sass. Their Bad B* tape gives serious seventies vibes. Think Gloria Steinem, Midnights’ album aesthetic, vintage cord trousers, and platform boots. Right up my street. Perhaps yours too?   

  3. Grace’s Journey Design
    Grace Whaley creates vogue-worthy accessories for various medical devices. From port covers and tubie clips, to feeding tube tape, and full matching sets. This rustic floral clip design is a unicorn that transcends seasons. And if we’re sticking with the Taylor Swift references, very folklore.

Fashionable Mobility Aids for Wheelie Queens: Wheelchair Accessories

  1. Ativ Life
    Although these lights were designed for bicycles, they can also be used on wheelchair spokes and rims. With the option of “flashing mode” for nights when you’re feeling a bit extra, it’s comforting to know all colors come with a lifetime guarantee. In my not-so-humble opinion, classic white would simply dazzle alongside a sequin number for all manner of occasions. Think festive balls, parties, festivals, weddings, or even sipping eggnog at the markets. You may have a busy winter on your hands.

  2. Granted Engineering
    This shop sells the coolest 3D-printed joystick knobs for power chairs I’ve ever seen. With metallic rainbow options that look like a funky petrol spillage, my favorites are the T-Rex, GeoDome, and the badass Skull. According to reviews they are “very lightweight and comfortable to grip,” and the words “awesome” and “killer” come up a hell of a lot too.

  3. A.S Fashions
    These handmade wheelchair bag beauties are custom-made in whatever fabric you like the look of. From overarm bags padded with foam for comfort to waterproof cross-body purses that hook over your wheelchair handles, all designs are both practical and glamorous. From the reviews, it’s easy to see that Jane goes above and beyond for her customers.

For more like this, check out our guide to wheelchair accessories.

Decorative Designs for Dysautonomic Divas: Compression Socks

  1. Not Your Grandma’s
    For all my dysautonomic PoTSie sisters out there, NYG is making compression socks both jazzy and cozy. Say goodbye to easily snagged hospital-grade stockings, and say hello to unicorns, sharks, and sweet floral patterns. I received several compliments wearing these on the way to Mexico this summer, and they’ve also been a great help in managing symptoms.

PICC Line Pinups: Stylish PICC Covers

  1. Aya Covers
    This yoga two-pack of PICC line covers is the epitome of minimalist chic. Simple, yet striking, the dual color options mean they will go with any outfit. According to her Etsy bio, the founder, Lisa Thompson, was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. Whilst being treated, she found herself disappointed by the lack of PICC cover options, and established Aya Covers as a solution. She describes them as fashionable and comfortable, and encourages patients to wear the Aya symbol with pride, representing endurance, and providing them with strength throughout their treatment.

  2. PICC-a-Cover-UK
    Offering more options for our PICC line pinups in a variety of colors and sizes, this stunning shop provides a very handy guide for how to measure up properly. The stretch loop lace PICC line covers will have you embracing your sexy side. Perfect for date night.

Crutch Cuties: Comfortable Crutch Covers

  1. Mobility Mama
    The perfect combo of comfort and funk, these handle pads and pockets for walking frames and crutches will save your hands and style points. The pads come in child and adult sizes, and are personally used by the creator. Designed to resolve her own issue of sore hands, whilst leaving the finger grips still exposed for safety, they come with a fitting guide, and can be custom-made to meet specific size needs. This snazzy Zebra print is perfect for my EDS and rare disease pals.

Looking for more stylish medical aids? Check out our AbilityShop Disabled-Owned Business Directory.

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Amy Fogarty is a freelance writer, disability advocate, vintage fashionista, and proud mom to one rescue dog. She is currently writing her debut novel, and when not writing or reading, can often be found posing obscure hypothetical scenarios to her long-suffering partner. You can find her occasionally posting on Twitter or oversharing on Instagram. She also writes about health and feminism on her Substack, Tidings.

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