The Importance of Self-Care for High IQ Individuals: How Intelligence Can Lead to Neglecting Personal Needs

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Most people think they are the smartest and know everything when it comes to high IQ individuals.

People don’t realize that although high IQ individuals are smart, they tend to ignore their personal needs, which is harmful.

In other words, their high intelligence makes them not care about themselves and their mental and physical health.

As you know, people should take care of themselves to make the right decisions for their lives, and this issue is crucial for people with high IQs who unconsciously do not care about their health.

Let's discuss the importance of self-care for high IQ people and its impact on their lives.

The Neglect of Self-Care among High IQ Individuals

Smart people with a high IQ mostly pay attention to acquiring knowledge and intellectual activities, which makes them unable to take good care of their mental health.

The important thing is that these people should have a routine of self-care activities in their daily lives so that their creativity and productivity increase, and they can no longer neglect the importance of this issue.

If there is such a person in your family or among your friends, note that your support and love play an essential role in this matter. When these people know that their loved ones care about them, they try to take care of their health more.

Signs of Neglecting Personal Needs

Ignoring personal needs manifests itself in different ways; it's good to know the symptoms and treatment methods to avoid it easily.

Let’s look at the signs:

  • Chronic stress
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Burnout
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental illness
  • Relationship problems

These are the most common signs that help you identify when someone neglects their personal needs.

If you want to manage or avoid such issues, you need to ask for help from a mental health professional or participate in support groups.

The Importance of Physical Self-Care

People with a high IQ should know that everything is not about learning new things, and to increase their mental abilities, they should try to improve their physical health and pay attention to its importance.

In this section, we will tell you how you can improve your mental and physical health and take care of yourself.

Exercise and High IQ Individuals

Research shows that regular exercise and physical activities can improve the mental abilities of high IQ individuals. 

The important thing is that exercising is not only for strengthening physical fitness because it can reduce stress while enhancing people’s mental health. 

The best exercise for people with a high IQ is aerobic exercise and strength training, which must be done simultaneously and regularly to get the desired result.

Nutrition and Its Impact on High IQ Individuals

Without a doubt, you are also aware of the impact of a healthy diet on your lifestyle and mental and physical abilities.

A healthy and complete diet includes nutrients such as omega-3, protein, and healthy fats. It is good to use white meat such as fish and nuts to help strengthen your mental abilities.

Psychological Self-Care for High IQ Individuals

As mentioned, people with high IQs may neglect to care for themselves, which may cause many problems for them. When intelligent people gain high IQ scores when taking an iqexam, many believe that being smart means having a perfect life without complications, but this is not true! For this reason, they should put psychological care as their priority. 

Psychological self-care includes developing self-awareness, practicing mindfulness, and prioritizing emotional needs.

For intelligent people to strengthen these abilities in themselves, they try to get help from therapists. Below, we will tell you the helpful solutions in this field.

The Role of Therapy and Counselling

As has been said, many people think that people with high IQ can solve all problems and they don't have any issues. 

But this is not true; perhaps their biggest problem is that they pay little attention to their own mental health, and to compensate for this, they seek help from therapists and psychologists.

Asking therapists for help taking better care of themselves helps intelligent people reduce their stress, gain better self-awareness, improve their emotional intelligence, and generally gain better control over their emotions and decisions. 

Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

As it was said, physical activities help intelligent people understand how self-care helps them. Still, the most important thing is that people include mindfulness and meditation techniques in their daily schedule, and, in this way, they can reduce their stress to a great extent and strengthen their mental health.

Social Self-Care and High IQ

One of the essential things that shows the mental health of intelligent people is social relations and how they communicate with others.

People with high IQs indeed have high intellectual abilities, but the ability to communicate effectively is equally essential and shows social self-care.

When intelligent people try to take care of themselves by increasing their social skills, they can better understand life's challenges.

The Value of Social Connections

It may be interesting to know that some intelligent people have poor social skills, so creating meaningful relationships helps them control their emotions better.

In addition, effective communication skills between smart people help them participate in intellectual discussions better and transfer their knowledge more efficiently, which makes them more confident.

Building Healthy Relationships

One of the ways that help these people take care of themselves and express their emotions better is by building healthy relationships.

Doing this helps them to have a better understanding of themselves and those around them and to experience a sense of empathy that makes them create effective communication.

Work-Life Balance for High IQ Individuals

Intelligent people, because they are constantly learning, may have trouble balancing work and life, which is one of the reasons why they cannot take care of themselves.

However, creating a balance between work and personal life and prioritizing issues helps them to control this problem to a great extent. In the following, we will explain two effective solutions in this case.

Time Management Strategies

One of the effective ways for people with high IQ to reduce stress and daily work pressures is to use the right strategies for time management to determine priorities and proceed according to a specific plan to ensure everything is done correctly.

Setting Boundaries at Work

One of the biggest mistakes of intelligent people is that they immerse themselves in work and, therefore, ignore their needs.

For this reason, these people should define specific boundaries for their work so that in addition to doing their work, they can take care of their personal needs so that they do not get prematurely tired.


Neglecting personal needs is far too common among people with a high IQ, which can lead to mental and physical problems that have negative effects.

But by taking physical, mental, and social care of themselves, they can solve or prevent these problems by properly using their mental and psychological skills.

If you are an intelligent person, you may have such problems, and with the help of this article, you can solve these problems. 

If someone around you has a high IQ but does not care for themselves, send this article to them so they can take steps to address their personal needs and improve their mental health.

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