Electrolyte Hydration Facts Backed By Science

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Before you understand the important relationship between hydration and electrolytes with the help of science, you have to first understand the:

Signs You Are Dehydrated

Generally, you feel dehydrated due to a lack of water in your body, but it is sometimes the lack of electrolytes that causes this dehydration. Here are some of the signs of dehydration caused by the loss of electrolytes.

  • You cannot sleep properly even if you are tired enough.
  • Headache after you wake up.
  • You are too tired after exercise.
  • Extreme thirst.
  • Extreme fatigue even after a good sleep.

So, why does taking electrolyte supplements help you rehydrate your body? Let us find out more.

What Causes Dehydration Through Loss of Electrolytes?

Woman lifting weights, sweating and depleting her electrolytes.

You can lose electrolytes in your body by losing fluid from your body through sweat and urine. Here are some of the conditions that can make an individual lose electrolytes and cause dehydration.

  • Heat exhaustion due to heat exposure for a long period of time. Especially if an individual sweats a lot.
  • Vigorous exercise, which causes sweating.
  • Dehydrated from not drinking enough fluids.
  • Ailments that cause diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Medications that contain laxatives.
  • Consuming too much alcohol can cause dehydration, which in turn can make you lose electrolytes. This is why you are often hungover and have a headache the next morning.
  • High temperature and high humidity can also cause individuals to sweat a lot and lose electrolytes.

This electrolyte imbalance is mostly caused by dehydration, and this dehydration can cause physical and mental discomfort like headache, fatigue, drowsiness, frustration, and even lack of concentration. Therefore, getting electrolyte balance back in your body can help you get the energy back. When it comes to restoring electrolyte balance in the body, IV therapy can be a highly effective solution. This enables rapid absorption and immediate replenishment of electrolytes, allowing the body to regain its energy levels and function optimally. Visit the link to learn about the benefits of IV fluids and how they can help in electrolyte recovery.

What Do Electrolytes Have to Do with Hydration? 

Electrolytes are minerals in our body that promote fluidity, good PH balance, energy, and a good PH balance in your body. Here is how electrolytes can help in rehydrating and maintaining hydration in the body, as proved by scientific experimentation and studies.

  • Regulating the level of fluid in the body by absorbing it from salt, sugar, and other food items.
  • Electrolytes also help your body to maintain alkalinity for the PH balance in your body.
  • Chemical signals all around the body are also circulated through the minerals in electrolytes.
  • Lack of electrolytes can make you lose fluidity, which in terms can also cause your muscles to cramp. Contracting muscles are also an important function of electrolytes in the body.

So, why not drink some water?

Why Do You Need Electrolyte Supplements?

When it is a case of dehydration, why can’t you simply drink some water? Electrolytes consist of minerals like sodium, magnesium, and calcium, and it is not just water that helps the body's circulation.

These minerals, which are found in popular electrolyte hydration powders, help to maintain the PH balance and help your muscle to contract and absorb water for other activities like chemical transmission. Thus, you don’t just need water. You also lose these minerals, which means to get a boost of electrolytes or rehydrate your body, you will also need these minerals.

Here is why you should incorporate electrolyte supplements such as sugar-free hydration powder packets into your everyday diet.


If you have a vigorous exercise regime, you will be sweating heavily, losing quite an amount of electrolytes from your body. Yes, your body dehydrates after such physical vigor, and you will need to balance the level of electrolytes in your body. This will help you regain the energy right after your exercise.

Frustration & Anxiety

When you are frustrated with your work because of a lack of interest or concentration, or anxiety and inability to manage your stress, then the underlying issue could be a lack of electrolytes. Not saying you are dehydrated most of the time, but maybe simple hydration is not cutting it, and you need the minerals. Dehydration can pose a risk of increased anxiety and depression among already sensitive individuals.

Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addiction can also cause an electrolyte imbalance due to dehydration. Having an electrolyte supplement can not only help you combat the side effects but get rid of the caffeine addiction because you will be getting the energy boost from the electrolyte.

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