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Almost Autistic: What’s in My Neurodiversity Grab Bag

“There’s no such thing as being a little bit autistic.” I’ve heard this phrase many times. It’s a common refrain in the autistic community, and for good ...

6 Things to Consider Before Moving Out-of-State with a Disability

If you have a disability and you're thinking of moving to a different state, here are five key things to consider before you rent that U-Haul. When you have a ...

7 Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors and People with Disabilities

The bathroom is one of the most hazardous areas in a home, especially for seniors and people with disabilities. The combination of wet surfaces, slippery ...

ADA Grab Bars for Bathroom Safety with Style

Grab bars can significantly enhance bathroom safety and accessibility, especially if you have mobility issues, are a senior, or have a disability. This grab ...

8 Safe Shower Chairs for Seniors and Disabled People

Safe shower chairs are an essential tool for seniors and people with disabilities who have difficulty standing or maintaining balance while bathing. A shower ...

The Ultimate Executive Dysfunction Self-Help Guide: Coping Skills to Help You Thrive

Welcome to the ultimate self-help guide for coping with executive dysfunction! If you struggle with executive functioning skills such as managing time, staying ...

Sensory Overload Self-Help Guide: Coping Tips to Help You Thrive

If you or a loved one experiences sensory overload, this self-help guide can help you learn the signs and symptoms, address the causes, and develop coping ...

What Is a Spoonie? The Spoon Theory of Chronic Illness, Explained

Spoon theory. Spoonie. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you may hear these terms and be confused. What is a spoonie? ...

How to Buy or Build Wheelchair Ramps: A Complete Guide

Are you looking to make your business or home more accessible for everyone? Our complete guide to wheelchair ramps details everything you'll need to know and ...

How to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible Without Major Remodeling

If you need to make your home wheelchair accessible without remodeling and on a limited budget, you're in the right place!   When a person has a disability ...

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