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How to Teach Non-Verbal Skills to Children Who Were Born Blind

Non-verbal communication and behavior are two of the most problematic aspects of teaching and counseling people who were born with total or partial blindness.  ...

16 Board Games Blind People and Those with Low Vision Can Play

Board games and card games are loved by people of all ages and social backgrounds and there is a good reason for that -- they are great tools for learning, ...

Coping with Vision Loss: A Guide to Life with Low Vision or Blindness

So you've just found out you're going blind or have permanent vision loss. What do you do now? Coping with vision loss is a new experience for most people, as ...

A Sports and Exercise Guide for People Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

If you are living with complete or partial vision loss, it can seem challenging to stay physically active. The good news is that vision loss doesn’t have to ...

White Canes for Blindness 101 – What to Know About Your First White Cane

If you or someone close to you is living with total blindness or low vision, you are probably familiar with the device called a long white cane.  This article ...

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