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The Biggest Lesson Therapy Has Taught Me About My Anxiety

I’ve been in and out of therapy since college. And each time I’ve gone to therapy, I’ve learned something new about myself. Finding the right therapist is a ...

7 Ways Anxiety Physically Affects Me

There truly is a mind-body connection when it comes to almost everything in life, including mental illness. Anxiety disorders affect the mind, but they also ...

6 Free Mental Health Resources

Mental health treatment is important to help you live a better life. Whether you struggle with mental illness or not, we all have mental health issues now and ...

Telling My Friends About My Depression Saved My Life

Ask anyone living with a mental illness and they will agree with you on this: Talking about your illness isn’t easy. And if you live with major depressive ...

Why Anhedonia Is Such an Insidious Symptom of Depression

Thanks to the internet and the world generally being more connected than it was several years ago, we know more about depression and its symptoms than we did ...

I Thought My OCD Intrusive Thoughts Meant I Wanted to Hurt People

Out of all the anxiety disorder symptoms I've experienced, intrusive thoughts are definitely the worst. There are many struggles faced by people living with ...

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