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I Don’t Blame Fat People for Taking Ozempic. But Here’s Why I Won’t.

The diabetes medication Ozempic has been repurposed as a weight loss drug. This is a dream come true for pharmaceutical companies and fat people alike. We have ...

They Live with Severe Mental Illness. They Do Not Deserve to Be Incarcerated.

Every Monday, I log onto Zoom video chat and meet with a group of Black men and women who are participating in a voluntary, court-supervised mental health ...

Artificial Intelligence Is Recording Your Online Therapy Sessions

Artificial Intelligence is now recording your online therapy sessions. Is AI mental health treatment worth the risk? Can you do anything about it? Can you ...

How to Stop Self-Abandonment After Abuse

Self-abandonment: Ignoring basic needs to keep from dealing with difficult experiences and emotions. I grew up being abused. There were hardly any safe adults ...

Chronic Pain Is a Pain in the You Know What and Getting Help Is Complicated

I am in so much physical and emotional pain that I pretty much do not leave my house. I have been in physical pain most of my life. Sometimes I can cope easily ...

How People Who Experience Racism Can Practice Self-Compassion

People of color are bombarded with negative feedback about themselves from society as a whole. This feedback does not give us room to learn self-love and ...

My Pediatrician Started My Disordered Eating at Age 6. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics Wants to Make This Common Practice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released new clinical practice guidelinesĀ that doctors and parents need to target fat kids to prevent themĀ  from ...

To Anyone Feeling Overwhelmed by the January Flood of Diet and Weight Loss Ads

I know it is hard to see all the diet and supposed "fitness" ads on TV, streaming, radio, and social media. The not-so-subtle message is that your body is bad, ...

What My White Therapist Refuses to Understand About Black Women and Eating Disorders

I am a Black, queer, disabled, fat woman. I have a diagnosis of disordered eating. I have been dealing with this since I was 6. My mom pushed her ...

How New Voting Laws Deny Disabled People Access to the Ballot Box

Many states worked after the 2020 election cycle to make it harder to vote in various communities they deemed not congruent with their interests. My state was ...

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