Featured! - 41% 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection Headphones for Autism

3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection Headphones for Autism

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Discover a new world of focus and comfort with 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector Headphones – the perfect companion for the unique sensory needs of autistic individuals. Engineered with precision, these headphones seamlessly merge hearing protection with cutting-edge technology, offering a sanctuary of tranquility in bustling environments. With advanced connectivity, users can personalize their auditory experience, creating a tailored haven of sound. The durable design ensures longevity, making them an investment in tranquility. Prioritize your well-being and enhance your productivity with 3M WorkTunes – where innovation meets inclusivity, providing a sanctuary of sound for those who seek solace in a harmonious world.

Hearing Protection Features for People on the Autism Spectrum

NRR of 24 dB (Noise Reduction Rating): Find tranquility in loud environments as our advanced noise reduction technology shields you from overwhelming sounds, providing a comfortable space for heightened sensitivities.

BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Seamlessly stream calming music or audiobooks from your phone, offering a personalized auditory experience that helps manage stress and promotes focus.

HIGH-FIDELITY SPEAKERS: Immerse yourself in premium sound quality for an enhanced listening experience, providing a soothing escape from the chaos of the surrounding world.

INTEGRATED MICROPHONE: Stay connected without disruption; take and make calls effortlessly, maintaining social connections while keeping the protective barrier intact.

CORD AND ANTENNA-FREE DESIGN: Move freely and comfortably, eliminating potential sensory triggers associated with cords or bulky attachments.

SIMPLE SINGLE-BUTTON INTERFACE: Minimize distractions with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that adjustments are simple and stress-free, allowing for sustained concentration on tasks.

AUDIO ASSIST TECHNOLOGY: Receive guidance without removing the hearing protector, promoting independence and confidence in using the device.

FLEXIBLE HEADBAND: Enhance comfort with a flexible headband designed for compatibility with caps, addressing sensory sensitivities and ensuring a secure yet gentle fit.

LIGHTWEIGHT, LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: Enjoy extended wear with a discreet, lightweight design, preventing discomfort and sensory overload during prolonged use.

SOFT, CONFORMABLE EAR CUSHIONS: Experience a comfortable fit tailored to your needs, with soft cushions minimizing pressure points and providing a soothing touch.


Specification: 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection Headphones for Autism

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3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection Headphones for Autism
3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection Headphones for Autism


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