Featured! Loop Engage Plus Earplugs for Autism and Sensory Needs

Loop Engage Plus Earplugs for Autism and Sensory Needs

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Discover a world of calm and comfort with Loop Experience Plus Earplugs, an ideal sensory solution for people on the autism spectrum. Engineered with precision, these earplugs offer unparalleled noise reduction without compromising on clarity. The discreet design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing for extended wear. Whether facing bustling crowds, loud environments, or daily challenges, these earplugs provide a discreet shield against sensory overload.

The Loop Experience Plus Earplugs empower autistic people to curate their auditory environment, promoting focus, relaxation, and a sense of control. Elevate your daily experiences with the perfect blend of serenity and style—your sanctuary awaits.

Loop Engage Plus Ear Plugs Features to Improve the Sensory Environment for People on the Autism Spectrum

SENSORY-INCLUSIVE DESIGN: Loop Engage Plus earplugs stand at the forefront of technology, designed especially to address the unique needs of people with autism and sensory processing disorders. The innovative acoustic channel, paired with a specially engineered filter, facilitates more engaging conversations, allowing for heightened connectivity in various social settings.

PRECISE NOISE CONTROL: Certified as Hearing Protection, Loop Engage Plus offers low-level noise reduction with an SNR of 16. These earplugs selectively block excess sound while preserving essential auditory cues, ensuring that important information, like your own voice, remains clear. The additional 5 dB available on demand with Loop Mute allows the Loop Engage Plus model to double as sleep earplugs.

ECHO-FREE COMMUNICATION: Regular earplug wearers often encounter the ‘occlusion' effect, akin to a head-underwater sensation. Loop Engage Plus tackles this challenge, minimizing occlusion to provide a more natural auditory experience. This feature fosters improved social interactions for neurodivergent people, reducing potential discomfort.

CUSTOMIZED COMFORT: Designed for both style and maximum comfort, Loop Engage Plus earplugs come with ear tips in four sizes (XS, S, M, & L), ensuring a perfect fit for every user. The inclusive package, featuring a Carry Case, Loop Mute, and extra foam ear tips, empowers autistic people to tailor their sensory experience. Experiment with sizes for optimal comfort or enhanced noise reduction, to gain autonomy over your auditory well-being.

Specification: Loop Engage Plus Earplugs for Autism and Sensory Needs

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Last updated on February 21, 2024 10:02 AM
Loop Engage Plus Earplugs for Autism and Sensory Needs
Loop Engage Plus Earplugs for Autism and Sensory Needs


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