Featured! Budget Autism Headphones: Silensys E7 with Active Noise Cancelling

Budget Autism Headphones: Silensys E7 with Active Noise Cancelling

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Experience tranquility like never before with Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, expertly designed to cater to the unique sensory needs of autistic people.

Our autism friendly headphones are low-cost yet boast a thoughtful design, featuring a lightweight build and plush ear cushions for unparalleled comfort. Advanced active noise cancellation technology transforms chaotic surroundings into serene sanctuaries, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your chosen auditory world. Enjoy crystal-clear sound quality and immersive experiences with our proprietary drivers. With an extended battery life, these headphones provide an enduring escape from noise, making them an indispensable companion for people on the autism spectrum seeking solace in their daily auditory journeys. And at under $50, they're affordable for people on a limited budget.

Headphones with Features Autistic Listeners Will Love

SENSORY SERENITY DESIGN: E7 Bluetooth Headphones are meticulously crafted for comfort, featuring a lightweight build, a headband with pillow-like softness, and protein ear cushions. The adjustable earcups ensure a tailored fit, providing autistic individuals with a soothing, snug sensation.

DISTRACTION-FREE SONIC OASIS: Advanced active noise reduction technology transforms bustling environments—airplane cabins, city traffic, or busy offices—into tranquil havens. By minimizing external noise, these headphones empower autistic people to immerse themselves in their preferred auditory world of music, movies, and videos.

FLYING FREEDOM: Tailored for frequent flyers, these Bluetooth over-ear headphones turn air travel into a delight. By reducing airplane roar to a mere whisper, they create a serene, calming atmosphere for autistic travelers.

SOUNDSCAPE PERFECTION: Revel in true-to-life sound, where precise guitars, clear vocals, and clean bass come to life. Proprietary high-quality 45mm large-aperture drivers ensure an audio experience that unveils subtle details, providing listeners on the autism spectrum with an enhanced and enriched auditory adventure.

HD COMMUNICATION HAVEN: Built-in high-quality microphones facilitate HD calls, enabling business-class communication even in windy or noisy environments. This feature ensures seamless and clear communication for people on the autism spectrum, enhancing their social interactions.

EXTENDED ESCAPE: Boasting a 30-hour playtime with a built-in 750mAh battery, these headphones offer an uninterrupted auditory escape. Listeners with autism can enjoy an extended period of sensory tranquility, making them ideal for worry-free long trips.

Specification: Budget Autism Headphones: Silensys E7 with Active Noise Cancelling

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Budget Autism Headphones: Silensys E7 with Active Noise Cancelling
Budget Autism Headphones: Silensys E7 with Active Noise Cancelling


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