Autism Acceptance Month — Writers Wanted

Writers wanted for Autism Acceptance Month

The Ability Toolbox is looking for autistic people to write articles for Autism Acceptance Month. We are a disabled-owned support community for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental health conditions to share practical advice and support one another. We pay our writers!

About Our Autism Acceptance Month Project

We’ll be accepting 10-15 pitches to feature during Autism Acceptance Month and beyond. Of course, we accept autism-related articles all year round, but we are allocating most of our March and April budget to autism content. 

Who Can Write for This Project

We are looking for autistic people to write authentically about their experiences. We will consider articles from parents of autistic children, but ONLY if the parent is also autistic or has another form of neurodivergence such as ADHD. If you do not meet these criteria, please visit our regular Write for Us page.

You do not need to be a professional writer. However, due to our time and financial constraints, we ask that you be able to thoroughly grammar check your writing. 

Articles and Pay Rate

All articles must follow our Editorial Guidelines. You can see our existing neurodiversity articles here to get an idea of what we’ve published so far. These are the general article types we accept and the pay rate for each:

Educational and Informational Guides, $100: Explaining topics autistic and neurotypical people need to understand such as stimming, going nonverbal, support needs, intense interests, etc.

How-To Guides, $100: Practical advice for solving a problem or coping with a challenge. Tips for someone who is newly diagnosed or whose child was just diagnosed.

News and Views, $100: Responses to news, current events, and government policies. Reviews of TV shows, books, etc. with autistic characters and/or written by autistic people.

Personal Experience Stories, $50: All of these article types can and should include aspects of your personal experience, but if you just want to share your life story, it falls under this category. A maximum of 3 articles in this category will be accepted for pay.

Previously Published Articles, $0: We can’t pay for previously published articles, but if you want to share them on our site, we welcome them.

Donated Articles, $0: You can choose to donate new articles if you don’t care about getting paid, and again, we’re extremely grateful for the support. You do not need to submit a pitch for donated articles. Donated articles can be on any topic.

Content We Do Not Accept: As a neurodiversity-affirming site, we do NOT publish any articles that suggest autism should be cured, nor do we promote Autism Speaks, the puzzle piece, or ABA “therapy.”

How to Pitch

Email with a 2-to-3-paragraph description of the article you’d like to write. Accepted articles will be published in March and April.

Ready to submit an approved or donated article? Click here.

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