AbilityShop: A Chronic Illness and Disability-Owned Small Business Directory

Businesses owned by people with disabilities and chronic illnesses

The AbilityShop Business Directory lists art, gifts, services, and more from small businesses owned by people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental health conditions. By supporting disabled-owned businesses when shopping for holiday gifts and all year round, you can help people achieve financial independence and buy some awesome stuff at the same time.

This directory uses affiliate links where available, and we may receive a small commission on sales at no added cost to you or the store.

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Advocacy and Awareness Clothing and Accessories (18)

Advocacy and Awareness Patches, Pins, and Stickers (18)

Garden and Plants (1)

Do you want to list your business here? As a disabled-owned business ourselves, The Ability Toolbox understands the power of disability entrepreneurship for our community that faces enormous barriers to employment. The AbilityShop Business Directory is FREE — just review the listing rules, click Add Link above, and then add your business.

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