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Paying Attention to Your Mental Health as a Leader

Leaders often spend much time focusing on essential assignments and goals for their organization. It is easy to overlook the need to care for oneself, which ...

What’s Next for Growing Your Business? 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

It’s not easy to start a business, let alone as someone who lives with a disability. Yet if you’ve taken those first few steps, you’ve also taken stock of the ...

Important Vehicle Checks for Caregivers to Do Before a Long Journey

If you take care of people with physical or neurological disabilities for a living, you’ll know how thorough you have to be when it comes to planning a trip. ...

Supporting Your Child Through Mental Illness with Proactive Parenting

As a parent, the emotional and mental well-being of your child is always at the forefront of your concern. Unfortunately, psychological disorders are more ...

Agoraphobia: A Guide to Managing the Symptoms

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, about 2% of adults and teens in the US have agoraphobia. Women, young adults, ...

How to Manage a Successful and Thriving Mental Health Practice

The mental health field is getting increasingly competitive in today's digital world. Per IBISWorld numbers, there are 15,163 mental health and substance abuse ...

Improving Your Quality of Life with COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common condition seen in populations across the world. A study released in 2022 found that it’s likely to be ...

How to Take Care of Your Eyes as You Age

There are many types of eye diseases prevalent in the UK, from relatively minor issues such as dry eyes to more significant ailments like glaucoma and ...

Why Flowers Are a Great Gift to Wish Someone Good Health

Flowers have been used to express love, admiration, and joy through all times and climes. They are the most popular gifts that bind people, irrespective of ...

UK Employers’ Responsibilities Surrounding Disability in the Workplace

All employees should have the same fundamental employment rights as stated by UK law.  The Equality Act of 2010 was introduced to further level the playing ...

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